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Special Report: Cloud Computing

March 2014

Through May, Oracle’s Cloud team will host private screenings of its sci-fi action adventure movie Cloud Odyssey—A Hero's Quest in cities around the world.


This animated film follows a crew of Earth's top engineers as they set out for the mysterious cloud planet, Terranuvem. Their journey tests the limits of technology, tenacity, and human ingenuity as they overcome major IT challenges and fast- track their enterprise to the cloud. Through watching this film, you will learn how to move to the next level when building your own cloud, including what it takes to plan, deploy, monitor, and run enterprise clouds.

Right now, you can view the trailer here. Plus, get other expert advice about trends in cloud computing that you should be watching right now, including insight from Oracle customers who have made the move.

Another Level
Skanska builds global workforce insight with cloud-based HCM system.

Expansion Plan
Growing midsize organizations gain competitive advantage with modern ERP cloud.

Trends in Tech Careers: Three Micro-Trends to Watch
“The need for businesses to have well-rounded professionals who can 'be in the room' when talk about new products and services that customers want and desire is paramount,” says Karen Armon, executive-level career coach and author of the book, Market Your Potential, Not Your Past.

HR Should Hire 'Scary' Data People
“Known as data scientists or quants, these whizzes can be scary to more-traditional CHROs and HR leadership teams, because they don't think or speak in traditional HR terms,” says Bertrand Dussert, Vice President of HCM Transformation and Thought Leadership, Oracle.

The Periodic Table of Cloud Computing: An Elemental Approach
To minimize fragmented data and processes, and the cost and complexity of integrating across clouds, Oracle Cloud offers the broadest and deepest portfolio of enterprise SaaS services, and is the only cloud with all three layers of the cloud computing stack.

Transformative Power Of IT Innovation Showcased At Oracle CloudWorld
Thanks to cloud, IT can evolve more swiftly, focus on delivering innovation, which can accelerate an organization’s business. Another way of putting it is that cloud is a transformational way to bankroll innovation.

Full Cloud Ahead
Are HR managers charting a new technology course—or are they adrift?

Trends in Cloud Computing: The Delivery of Oracle Fusion Applications in the Oracle Cloud
“For companies looking to leverage the power of Oracle Fusion applications while gaining flexibility and ease of management, 2014 could be an important year,” says Debra Lilley, independent consultant, director and past chairman of UKOUG, and an Oracle ACE Director.

Unique Blend
Oracle's application strategy is focused on customer choice and the cloud. Here, Profit interviews Steve Miranda, executive vice president of application development at Oracle.

Building a Hybrid Cloud
Five decision criteria for evaluating and selecting hybrid cloud solutions.

The Power of Flat
How organizations without managers succeed in the real world.

Area of Expertise
Business process as a service lets Oracle partners and customers focus on what they do best. 

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