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Special Report: Cloud Computing

Are you ready for cloud?

August 2015

Right now, you can register for an Oracle Cloud Day near you to explore a range of industry-leading cloud solutions suited to the specific needs of your job role. There you will discover how an Oracle Cloud offering can help you cut costs, simplify management, and accelerate innovation, agility, and time to market.


Here, find out more about when the next Oracle Cloud Day is scheduled. Plus, hear from experts about Oracle Cloud, including how its solutions are changing human resources, social networking, and more.

The Business Value of PaaS: 5 Ways an Integrated Cloud Platform Gives You the Competitive Edge
Although platform as a service is an IT project, the smart money lies in evaluating its business value. You need to look at your company’s strategic goals and make sure that you implement the best option to support those targets.

Why Cloud Talent Management Fits Midsize Business Needs

Midsize companies need to have a modern HR strategy—and modern software tools to execute it—if they’re going to compete for increasingly scarce talent as baby boomers retire.

Oracle's Larry Ellison Calls Cloud A “Much Better Business.” Here's Why.
Why is Oracle so comfortable with the cloud business model disruption, and why is its cloud business hitting hypergrowth mode at this moment? Here are five key insights from Oracle’s top executives.

Cloud And On-Premises IT: Ready For “Decade Of Coexistence”?
“During that decade of coexistence, people are going to have to manage both their on-premises data processing and their cloud data processing,” Oracle Executive Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison said. “We’re going to give them the tools that make that easy.”

Oracle's Cloud Business Is The Golden Lining
“We dramatically overachieved in the cloud,” Oracle CEO Saftra Catz said during the company’s quarterly earnings call on June 17, 2015.

Is Your Company Ready for PaaS?
Six steps to creating an agile organization that aligns people, processes, and platform to deliver maximum ROI.

Three Best Practices for PaaS
Incorporating business strategy, flexibility, and organizational change into PaaS adoption plans can reap big rewards.

The PaaS Tipping Point
Every organization has an inflection point when PaaS becomes more economical than an in-house deployment.

More Conversation: Oracle Social Cloud Grows With an Ever-Evolving Market
“We understand where our customers want to be and the channels their customers are using,” says Meg Bear, group vice president, Oracle Social Cloud. “We want to make sure our customers create social media strategies that solve business problems and bring value to the business.”

Oracle Mobile Cloud Service Simplifies Enterprise Mobile Development
According to Thomas Kurian, Oracle’s president of product development, the value of Oracle Mobile Cloud Service is that it provides enterprise mobile developers with a comprehensive, end-to-end mobile development platform.

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