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Special Report: Taking Care of Customers

June 2016

Marketing. Sales. Service. Commerce. It can be a challenge to understand how to deliver a modern customer experience (CX) that keeps your business meeting today’s tough expectations.


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Here, learn more about companies using technology to understand what’s going on inside their customers’ minds—and deliver the products and services they really want.

Warm Welcome
Fairmont Raffles Hotels International uses customer data to burnish its reputation for consummate customer engagement.

Always Open
“The most overrated thing in business is praise. . . . What teaches you important lessons is negative feedback and criticism,” says Jay Baer, author of Hug Your Haters.

Mind Meld
A marketing expert explains the best way to get into your customers’ heads.

Sapporo Brews New Beers—and New Customers—with Social and Marketing Cloud Ingredients
“The power of social marketing is now understood inside of Sapporo Breweries,” says Yuichi Mori, assistant general manager of digital marketing section at Sapporo Breweries. “Management realizes that we can use these channels and tools to expand the business.”

6 Keys to Social Customer Care, from the Front Lines
A third of people say they’d rather clean the toilet than talk with customer service, according to the 2015 Aspect Consumer Experience Index. And almost two-thirds of consumers want to be able to solve product and service issues on their own, thank you very much.

No More Guesswork
Oracle Maxymiser exploits data science to optimize the online customer experience.

Strategic Evolution
Kohl’s takes a “test, learn, evolve” approach to optimizing the customer experience.

Marketers’ Journey
With the right tools, marketers can now tap into a wealth of data about a customer’s digital body language—enabling them to approach customers as individuals, armed with the knowledge of who they really are and what they really want.

Beyond Technology
To support its data-driven customer-service activities, Fairmont Raffles Hotels International took an innovative approach to the internal structure of its IT and digital marketing staffs.

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