Editor’s Choice: Top Stories of 2013

December 2013

What made our end-of-year list?

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Our editorial staff had a good time putting together this list of our personal picks and remembering the amazing people we talked to over the year, from Margaret Wright, president of the Oracle Applications Users Group, to Shama Kabani, author of The Zen of Social Media Marketing. Read our list, plus check out what Profit readers picked as their top 10.

The Changing Face of the Oracle Community
“Acceptance of cultural diversity levels the playing field and removes barriers,” says Margaret Wright, president of the OAUG.

Special Report: Modern Marketing
Experts have smart advice about how to get customers to focus on your brand by mastering the new realities of modern marketing.

If Social Business Is Always Changing, Can You Keep Up?
Shama Kabani, author of The Zen of Social Media Marketing, talks about how executives can shape smart social business strategies, make good policy — and get back on track when they’ve made a big mistake.

High Alert
IT leaders at MedicAlert Foundation worked with users across the organization to implement a new Oracle’s Siebel Customer Relationship Management (Siebel CRM) system, helping to ensure the organization’s continued viability now and in the future.

Grow and Blend
Firmly rooted in a JD Edwards foundation, Treasury Wine Estates mixes industry expertise with next-generation functionality.

Performance Culture
How can learning from mistakes drive a team toward innovation and success?

Deeper Connections
What video game designers can teach executives about loyalty

Dashboard View
As Fiat maneuvers beyond Italy, new analytics help steer managers in the right direction. 

Big Data Comes Alive
Big data is “one of those phrases that everybody’s kind of bandying around,” says photographer Rick Smolan, whose company Against All Odds Productions created the coffee table book The Human Face of Big Data. But business leaders are using different definitions, he says, and people—whether they are involved in technology or not—are curious about how big data will touch their everyday lives.

Everything You Know About Sales is Wrong
"To be effective, you don’t have to act like a slippery, plaid sports coat wearing sleazebag," says Daniel Pink, author of To Sell is Human. "You just have to be attuned to what the other person is thinking, buoyant in the face of rejection, and be able to apply your expertise to curate and make sense of information rather than really accessing it. You need to identify hidden problems for your customers rather than existing problems."

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