Special Report: Preventing Fraud

June 2011

This week, Oracle was a Silver Sponsor at the 22nd Annual Fraud Conference & Exhibition, which took place from June 12-17 in San Diego, CA. There, more than 2,500 industry professionals dedicated to the detection, deterrence and prevention of corporate fraud met to address the challenges and critical issues they are currently facing. Fraud prevention continues to be an important focus for all companies: With the typical organization losing 5 percent of its revenue to fraud, having the right controls and company culture in place to minimize this growing threat can directly impact performance and shareholder value. In this special report, learn more about next-generation governance, risk and compliance controls, including Oracle Fusion's new role. Plus, get expert ideas for protecting your supply chain.

Webcast: Influencing Employee Ethics and Preventing Fraud with Next Generation GRC Controls
Learn how cutting edge GRC technologies can empower organizations to identify and prevent unethical employee conduct, limiting exposure to internal fraud and errors, and providing a platform to continuously reinforce your company’s code of ethics.

White Paper: Managing the Risk of Fraud and Error (pdf)
Systems of Governance, Risk and Compliance offer a much more holistic and integrated approach rather than the scatter gun approach adopted by many organizations. New capabilities such as automated controls monitoring and surveillance of transactions coupled with advanced analytics and reporting offers the best prospects of protection against inadvertent mistakes and organized fraud.

Read the Solution Brief: Oracle Fusion Governance, Risk, and Compliance (pdf)
Unlike niche products that focus either solely on documenting policies or on monitoring system controls, Oracle Fusion Governance, Risk, and Compliance combines vital risk and compliance oversight with automated controls enforcement.

Oracle Upgrades GRC Applications Suite
“Some of our competitors focus just on documentation and process automation, and others on detecting fraud and errors, but there’s no one that is looking at it as an integrated problem the way Oracle is,” says Siddharth Sinha, senior director of GRC product management at Oracle.

Is there a Robust Solution for Curtailing Unauthorized Products?
 To create the most robust track and trace solution possible, companies need to select an IT vendor that not only has the proper component products, but also has the ability to create and control the entire architecture to ensure a working solution. The ability to integrate with and extend your current capabilities beyond ERP to create this type of new solution will provide maximum benefit with least disruption.

Procurement Grapples with Novel Challenges in a New Economic Environment
Prompted by shifting regulations, soaring transportation costs, and high-profile supply disruptions, procurement is increasingly focused on taking more formal and proactive measures to oversee the supply base. “Customers tell us that better supplier management is no longer a luxury. It’s essential,” says David Hope-Ross, Oracle’s senior director of procurement and supply chain management.


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