Special Report: Oracle Fusion Applications

March 2013

Oracle Fusion Applications were designed from the ground up using the latest technology advances and incorporating the best practices gathered from Oracle's thousands of customers. They are 100 percent open-standards-based business applications that set a new standard for the way we innovate, work, and adopt technology. Here, find out what customers and analysts have to say about Oracle Fusion Applications and how these products are rapidly changing the way they get business done.

Three Real-World Strategies for Adopting Oracle Fusion Applications
“An effective organization has a constantly evolving IT strategy that supports the business,” says Debra Lilley, Oracle Alliance Director for Fujitsu UK, an Oracle ACE Director and Fusion Applications UX Advocate. Here she explains the strategies most successfully employed by enterprises adopting Oracle Fusion Applications.

Can Human Resources Impact the Bottom Line?
Financial metrics on how growth impacts the people, organization, and underlying processes usually takes a back seat. That is, until the organization and support processes begin to slow down or even bring growth to a halt. In such cases, a strong talent management system such as Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management can help.

The Future of Financial Management
The Oracle Fusion platform's co-existence capability and modular functionality make it easier for financial institutions to achieve the target state in a phased manner, all the while reducing the risk and costs associated with this transition.

Three Ways to Get Ready for Fusion Applications
By taking a methodical approach, customers can understand the specifics of what's available today, gain valuable insight about what’s coming in the future and create an effective Fusion strategy — so that ultimately, they are prepared to use Oracle Fusion Applications to retain their competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Five Ideas: Oracle Fusion Applications
Oracle Fusion Applications are a major part of Oracle's next generation of software, designed from the ground up to be cloud ready. Here, find out why customers are moving to fusion, and how these solutions are impacting their businesses.


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