Special Report: Human Capital Management

At February's HCM World in Las Vegas, executives gathered to discuss the intersection of human resources, talent management, and technology.

February 2014

Here, find out about the big news from this year's conference, including what Oracle CEO Larry Ellison had to say in his closing keynote about the tools and technology HR leaders need now.


Also, hear from thought leaders about new trends shaking up traditional workplace models, such as flexible workspaces and “self-managed” organizations, to increase job satisfaction and performance.

Oracle's Larry Ellison: How to Manage Your Most Precious Assets
Oracle CEO Larry Ellison says HCM has emerged as one of the two most important functions in business--the other being customer service.

What Larry Ellison Thinks About HCM—and Why I Think He's Spot On
“Smart HCM solutions must help executives engage with talent – even before candidates become employees. These solutions need to be easy-to-use, and allow for seamless collaboration among team members anywhere on the globe. And they need to provide executives and managers with new insights into how they can best use their talent to drive value in the company.” says Bertrand Dussert, vice president of HCM Transformation and Thought Leadership, Oracle.

Trends in Tech Careers: Three Micro-Trends to Watch
“The need for businesses to have well-rounded professionals who can 'be in the room' when talk about new products and services that customers want and desire is paramount,” says Karen Armon, executive-level career coach and author of the book, Market Your Potential, Not Your Past.

HR Should Hire 'Scary' Data People
“Known as data scientists or quants, these whizzes can be scary to more-traditional CHROs and HR leadership teams, because they don't think or speak in traditional HR terms,” says Bertrand Dussert, vice president of HCM Transformation and Thought Leadership, Oracle.

Modern HR or How to Earn Your Employees Every Day
“To refocus HR around the employee experience, we need to move beyond transactions to address four important business needs: a talent-centric view of the workforce, tools and policies that encourage collaboration, applications that are engaging and mobile, and the insights that management needs to predict the business impact of HR efforts,” says Gretchen Alarcon, vice president, Human Capital Management Strategy.

10 Trends Driving The Mandate For Modern HCM
At Oracle HCM World in Las Vegas, Chief Information Officers, and other CXOs and stakeholders talked about the business forces driving HCM transformation, and what their companies are doing to become HCM leaders. Get a recap of 10 key trends they discussed.

Good Work
“The Good Jobs Strategy begins with a different philosophy of doing business. And that philosophy is not to see employees as costs to be minimized, but rather see them as engines as growth and profit,” says Zeynep Ton, a professor of operations management at the MIT Sloan School of Management and the author of The Good Jobs Strategy.

Movin' On Up
Career expert Karen Armon answers Profit readers' questions about jobs in the tech sector: “The single best way to find a job is through your network, which represents 80 percent of how individuals find work today.”

Closer to Home

Should human capital management activity move away from shared service centers?

Staying Flexible
“Now, instead of being seen as a perk, a mobile and flexible work style is being more broadly accepted as the optimal way to work—whether that's a home office, a flexible workspace, headquarters, or traveling on business,” says Emily Klein, an author of Workshift: Future-Proof Your Organization for the 21st Century.

The Power of Flat
How organizations without managers succeed in the real world.

Datawatch: Full Cloud Ahead?
Are HR managers charting a new technology course—or are they adrift?

Going Global
HCM outsourcing solution helps WESCO International manage worldwide growth.

Workforce Insight
In-memory PeopleSoft application improves labor cost management and compliance.

Scouting Talent Online
Hitachi transforms human capital management practices to embrace social sourcing.

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