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Special Report: Internet of Things

February 2016

In February, Oracle leaders attended Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, which brought together nearly 100,000 key decision-makers from companies worldwide. There, Oracle demonstrated dozens of products and services including Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service.


This new service enables businesses to drive value from device data through analytics and event processing and generate actions through integration with enterprise applications and processes. Here, learn more about Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service, plus what you need to know about using the power of IoT technologies to bolster your business.

Industrial Adoption of the Internet of Things
“To capture the value of IoT, companies should keep in mind that IoT data analytics is not big data analytics,” says Harshad Khatri, Oracle Insight.

FAQ: What Is the Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service?
The Oracle Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud Service provides the capability to analyze massive amounts of IoT-related information, at scale, from connected devices in real-time.

5 Steps to Start Your IoT-Enabled Service Strategy
The value of IoT-enabled customer service is pretty straightforward. IoT-enabled service provides a differentiated customer experience and it greatly reduces costs for the business. The big challenge with IoT for any business is in the collection and analysis of mountains of data.

7 Important Points in Preparing for the Internet of Things
“IoT means that all of the physical infrastructure, the whole world around us, is going to be connected to the internet,” says Oracle Vice President of Product Management Peter Utzschneider. “IoT is like those other profound technology changes we’ve already experienced, only on steroids—it’s that big.”

Three ‘Side Effects’ of the Internet of Things
IoT will improve businesses in some non-obvious ways.

New Mobility
The Internet of Things and big data analytics drive Xerox into the future of transportation.

The Explorers
Oracle’s JD Edwards Labs provides a place where engineers can explore emerging technologies—everything from the Internet of Things and wearables to new uses for smartphones and tablets, 3-D printing, and anything else coming down the pike.

How IoT Changes Hospitals
Advanced monitoring and tracking help improve patient care while reducing costs.

Five Ideas: Internet of Things
Here, Oracle thought leaders talk about how IoT is changing the game, and what you need to do to adopt a smart strategy.

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