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Special Report: Hands-On Economy

June 2014

Oracle hosted the inaugural MakerCon conference in Redwood City, Calif., on May 13 and 14, bringing together inventors, tinkerers, and entrepreneurs who are leveraging technology to build the future. Highlights included the MakerCon Innovation Showcase during which 36 makers demonstrated their creations—from LightUp, a STEM learning platform that teaches children about electricity, to Modio, which lets users design, make, and modify pose-able characters and print them using a desktop 3D printer.


It’s easy to see why Oracle, the steward of the Java programming language, supports the Maker Movement. Java enables the emerging Internet of Things (IoT), and its functionality can be used to create new kinds of programmable devices, such as smart appliances, medical sensors, smart meters, wearable computers, 3-D printers, and robots.

But Java is just one of the technologies Oracle supports in the Maker Movement. Here, learn more about MakerCon, and about companies using a variety of Oracle technology and solutions to bring their hands-on products to market. Plus, learn about how Oracle’s User Experience team works to design the products customers need to get their work done now, and more.

Maker Movement Fuels Apps, Robots, and Internet of Things
This year’s MakerCon event aimed to “celebrate makers and making,” highlight innovation and ingenuity, explore the potential of tools and technology, and “visualize the future”—all with an emphasis on new product demonstrations.

Better Business
KIND’s mix of product quality and social mission has been a recipe for rapid growth.

Great Expectations
Business is complex—and users want simpler applications to use on any device. Read our Q&A with Jeremy Ashley, vice president of the Oracle Applications User Experience group.

Energy Efficiency
To design, build, and deploy the world’s most-efficient solar energy systems, managers at Amonix must maintain a streamlined global supply chain.

Tools to Innovate
Exploring IDEs, deployment tools, mobile and the cloud: Read the May/June issue of Java magazine.

More Human than Human
Five examples of “assistive technologies” designed to give the body a much-needed boost to some aspect of its operation—and in some cases, a full-on replacement.

Wearable Tech
“Wearables” are an upcoming category of tech products that are designed to be with you all the time. From high-tech watches (iWatch, anyone?) to Google Glass, wearables are part function, part fashion. Here are five new wearable tech products worth a second look.

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