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Special Report: Managing Mobile

April 2014

As mobile becomes more and more a part of workers’ lives, security has become a higher priority for company leaders. In April, Oracle announced Oracle Mobile Authenticator, a token-based authentication application that enables organizations to cost-effectively provide strong authentication and prevent unauthorized access to vital company and customer data.


"In today’s business landscape, mobile devices have become an extension of a user’s identity and provide a simple and powerful solution to address growing digital security risks,” said Amit Jasuja, senior vice president of Java and Identity Management, Oracle. “Oracle’s approach to strong authentication enables organizations to take advantage of the growing number of personal devices in the workplace while reducing the cost of authentication. Additionally, the new Oracle Mobile Authenticator application delivers the added benefit of fraud detection and reduced risk.”

Here, learn more about this new release. Plus, find out what Oracle executives and other thought leaders say about creating a winning mobile strategy that takes advantage of new technology solutions, and is tailored to your business needs.

Five Mobile Strategy Best Practices
“Organizations that implement best practices for mobility in the enterprise can expect to improve consumer experience and loyalty, expand revenue channels, streamline the customer support process, and reduce customer support costs,” say Sanjay Singh, director of Insight & Customer Strategy at Oracle and Susnigdha Balagari, manager of Insight & Customer Strategy at Oracle.

Workflow to Go
Oracle has two key EPM technologies addressing mobility: “Managers are no longer tied to their desks, so if they’re offsite or in a meeting, they can easily interact with finance applications and drive the business forward without having to wait to get back to the office,” says Matthew Bradley, senior vice president of product development for EPM applications at Oracle.

Getting to Mobile: Follow the User
“The mobile conversation is happening, and I keep hearing more examples of how it can help organizations grow….. Quickly turning feedback into a business benefit is what working on mobile strategy is all about,” says Oracle ACE Director Debra Lilley.

Five Ideas: The Power of Mobile
Hear industry experts and executives from Oracle describe what your customers and employees expect from their mobile devices, and offer new Oracle mobile solutions that can meet their demands.

How Can Enterprises Leverage the Mobile Revolution
“While the need to go mobile is entering boardroom discussions, what remains imperative is charting out a mobile roadmap,” writes Sanjay Gupta, senior director, Fusion Middleware Business, Oracle India in The Economic Times.

Banks Must Recreate The Customer Experience
In many emerging markets, mobile phones far outnumber bank accounts, a reality that has led to the creation of a growing “mobile money” ecosystem that facilitates funds transfer among mobile phone users.

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