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Special Report: Modern Marketing

Looking to get more buzz—and business—from your marketing efforts?

June 2014

You can register now for Oracle’s Interact 2014, being held in San Francisco from July 16-18. The conference brings together the world's best marketers to share their expertise and discuss how to best propel marketing programs to the next level. Past attendees include C-level executives, vice presidents, directors, and managers of marketing and e-commerce.


Here, find out more about what’s happening at Interact 2014. Plus, hear from marketing experts including Oracle President Mark Hurd about how to leverage today’s technologies, including Oracle’s own technologies, to reach your customers effectively.

Using Digital Body Language in B2B Sales
“The ability to harness each customer’s engagement level and product interests enables marketers to target the right message at the right time, and sales teams to make contact at the appropriate stage in the buying cycle,” says Mark Tarro, an Oracle Marketing Cloud sales consultant.

A Customer’s Journey to Modern Marketing
Oracle Eloqua transforms the sales and marketing efforts of a large global enterprise customer.

A Three-Step Strategy for Modern Marketing
Companies can become faster, more agile, and more intelligent in their marketing activities

Your Best Shot
“I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but marketing got hard,” says social media expert Gary Vaynerchuk. Vaynerchuk, who consults with companies on social media strategy, says because today’s customers are active on a variety of channels, it is now more difficult to get their attention.

Press Release: Oracle President Mark Hurd Announces Strategy for Oracle Marketing Cloud, a New Platform for Customer-Centric Marketing
Simple-to-Use, Enterprise-Ready Cloud Platform Lets Organizations Become Modern Marketers

Still Running Marketing Campaigns? Time Is Running Out
A recent study from Forrester Consulting found that nearly 60 percent of marketing functions plan to boost funding for untargeted email marketing and display advertisements in 2014. That’s bad.

The 3 Layers of Modern Marketing: Data, Analytics, Activation
A modern marketer knows enterprise marketing solutions are based on three crucial layers of technology: data, analytics, and activation.

Customer Obsessed
“By immersing themselves in customer data, marketers can understand who their customers and prospects really are—and what they really want,” says Kevin Akeroyd, Senior Vice President, Oracle Eloqua

Mark Hurd Talks 'Customer-Obsessed Marketing' With CMO Elite
“Now, if someone’s dissatisfied they can tweet about it and put it on Facebook. You don’t control that interaction,” Hurd explained at the Argyle Executive Forum in January. “This is causing tremendous change for all of us.”

Everything You Know About Sales is Wrong
“Today, what really matters is your expertise, and you can’t develop expertise if you don’t care actually at some level about what you’re selling, whether that’s wholesale seafood or enterprise software,” says Daniel Pink, author of To Sell Is Human.

Our Brand Could Be Your Life
“You need to give your company permission to make the story bigger. The best most successful Youtilities are from companies that have relationships with customers and perspective customers that transcend transactions. They have relationships that are still related and relevant but aren't necessarily reliant on the product itself,” says Jay Baer, social media and content strategist and author of Youtility: Why Smart Marketing is About Help not Hype.

Seven Steps to Successful Social Customer Interactions
“Business executives and IT executives need to spend more time thinking about how to make online interactions consistent with real-life interactions they have with their customers,” says Christopher Sowa, vice president of Oracle Insight and co-head of Oracle's Global Business Intelligence and Exalytics Strategy Pillar.

Leveraging Digital Body Language to Customize Consumer Interactions
“Marketers can harness digital information to enable more effective engagements, and to provide the right message to the right person at the right time,” says Susan Poser, senior director of Oracle Insight & Customer Strategy and a global lead in the Customer Experience Practice at Oracle.

The Keys to Successful Modern Marketing
“Buyers have vastly more information at their fingertips, and are in control of the pace and content of the buying cycle. Marketers must evolve with buyers to be effective,” says Steven Woods, vice president of software development at Oracle Eloqua.

Five Ideas: Modern Marketing
Get expert advice for creating smart marketing that attracts customers across multiple channels.

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