Filling the Gaps

Richardson, Texas, schools get to know their teachers better with Oracle HR.

The Richardson Independent School District (RISD), which serves students in parts of the Texas cities of Dallas, Garland, and Richardson, depends on the human resources management applications that are part of Oracle E-Business Suite to improve the way it hires qualified teachers for its district of more than 34,000 students.


RISD uses Oracle E-Business Suite, including financial, procurement, and human resources management modules, to manage operations. The HR modules enable the district to put the right teacher in classrooms more quickly, track employees from their recruitment to their retirement, and manage compensation, payroll, and performance tracking.

Richardson's school system installed Oracle software in September of 2001 to replace a homegrown application that routed résumés. The system's résumé-routing feature was important to the district, and it was one that could be maintained in the new Oracle system without customization.

Read how RISD continually finds ways to enhance the original product, which is critical given evolving regulations and changing knowledge about how to best generate strong student performance and maintain employee satisfaction.

Most offices could function for a week or two while the boss is out of town, but a fourth-grade classroom would descend into chaos in about five minutes without a caring yet authoritative figure standing in the front of the room.

Getting the right person in each classroom is a challenge that school systems face each year, when they hire teachers. School systems are inundated with résumés in the winter and spring from potential hires—including new college graduates and people looking to relocate or change careers. Schools need to have good people in place at the start of the school year, so principals, who already have a lot on their plates, are looking for candidates who have the skills their schools need—and can come in for interviews in time to get hired and prepared before that first day of school. Principals must also comply with civil service requirements, because public school systems are government organizations. In many districts, teachers are unionized, adding an additional layer of hiring regulations.

These problems don't go away after Labor Day. Every day that a school is in session, teachers get sick, have doctors' appointments, or use family leave. To reduce the time spent finding qualified teachers, many school systems are turning to the human resources management applications that are part of Oracle E-Business Suite.


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