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Special Report: Retail 

January 2015

At January’s National Retail Federation’s Big Show, Oracle Retail unveiled the unparalleled capabilities of Oracle and MICROS combined, resulting in a world-class organization dedicated to helping retailers achieve commerce anywhere.


Here, learn about what Oracle showcased at the NRF's Big Show—which took place in New York City from January 11 to 14. Plus, hear from other industry experts, including Oracle’s David Dorf, senior director of retail technology strategy at Oracle, about how to keep up with customers’ ever-changing demands, and how to use technology to streamline your service.

At Groupe SEB, Service Is Key To Reversing Throw-Away Culture
French kitchen appliance and cookware maker SEB has made after-sales service and repairs – and Oracle Service Cloud- a cornerstone of its growth strategy.

Q&A: David Dorf Discusses the Advantages of Running Oracle Retail on Oracle's Engineered Systems
“It comes down to this: all the hardware and software in these systems has been engineered to work together,” says David Dorf, senior director of retail technology strategy at Oracle. “This results in extreme performance, even as retailers are able to deploy and manage these systems at much lower costs.”

Connecting with the Consumer: Why Prioritizing the Provision of Commerce Anywhere Matters (pdf)
Consumer journeys are now more complex than ever before, and the marketplace is highly competitive. Shoppers no longer visit one store in order to purchase a product— they browse on their mobile device, investigate online, compare prices on price comparison sites, read product reviews, visit a store to feel product quality, and scour the web for the best possible price.

3 Next Steps In Retail Innovation
Not only are retailers more willing to make larger, more strategic investments in IT, but they’re seeding early-stage innovation. Many have established labs to study and experiment with technology.

Good Work
How to make your employees happier, and please customers and stockholders too.

Five Ideas: Retail
Expert insight into customers’ changing expectations and how to use technology to reach them wherever they are—and deliver what they want.

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