Special Report: Dealing With Data

May 2013

In 2012, researchers from Oracle and the Economist Intelligence Unit interviewed 373 senior executives on the subject of business analytics, exploring the traits of leaders who have successfully leveraged big data. According to the findings, 55 percent of executives at top-performing companies have a clear, well-documented data strategy in place—and believe it aligns with overall business goals. Additionally, 40 percent said they have significantly increased investment in data in the past year. Here, find out more about what the report revealed, plus get other fresh insight about big data from the May issue of Profit magazine.

The Seven Key Steps of Data Analysis
While each company creates data products specific to its own requirements and goals, some of steps in the value chain are consistent across organizations.

Beyond Big Data
Kaiser Fung, statistician, blogger and author of the forthcoming book Numbersense, talks to Profit about what’s next for big data, how executives can use the stories in his book to develop their own Numbersense—and questions you should ask about every statistic you see.

Predictive Analytics: Four Strategies
Recent growth in available data and statistical analysis tools has improved the role of predictive analytics.With four steps, managers can position themselves to reap the benefits.

It Takes More Strategic Leadership to Build an Analytics-Driven Organization
From Aaron Lazenby, Editor in Chief, Profit: “Executive sponsors of any analytics project must have a vision for how they want to evolve their organizations—and ask questions that will help them create business value.”

Dashboard View
As Fiat maneuvers beyond Italy, Fiat's corporate finance team is spearheading business intelligence (BI) and enterprise performance management (EPM) initiatives to give senior managers and finance professionals a global view of operations.

Big Data Comes Alive
Big data is “one of those phrases that everybody's kind of bandying around,” says photographer Rick Smolan, whose company Against All Odds Productions created the coffee table book The Human Face of Big Data. But business leaders are using different definitions, he says, and people—whether they are involved in technology or not—are curious about how big data will touch their everyday lives.

Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud Service Drives Results and Innovation With Modern Analytics
According to Paul Teshima, group vice president of product management at Oracle, marketing analytics enable CMOs to make decisions and modify priorities to drive more results. “You need to continually experiment using analytics to drive innovation,” he says. “And you need to get enough information so you can make marketing analytics actionable.”

Data at the Speed of Life
New technologies and intelligent devices—from smartphones to smart sensors—are generating more and more data every second. And business decision-makers need to find ways to manage this huge information influx and quickly analyze and act on the information in real time.

Five Strategies for Big Data Smarts
Extracting true insight from massive stores of enterprise data requires real intelligence. Most managers are still trying to wrap their heads around big data—and a recent study suggests that few have figured out how to translate the new analytics into a competitive advantage.

In Search of Insight and Foresight: Getting More Out of Big Data
When there is more data available than ever before, asking better questions can lead to better insight and foresight.


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