Top Trends in 2013

January 2013

Big data was the big theme when we asked experts both within and outside of Oracle to tell us about top trends for 2013. And it’s no wonder. Executives everywhere are struggling with how to turn big data into big opportunities.

Read our special report to find out what our experts have to say about leveraging big data to learn about customers and gain competitive advantage without sacrificing security. Plus, get other smart insights about dealing with top trends, including cloud computing, mobile devices and more.


1. Data Warehouse 2.0: The 10 Top Trends Driving the Revolution 

So while the term “data warehouse” itself might still endure, the demands of today’s always-on global economy have shattered that old-fashioned metaphor of a limited-access and static warehouse and have inspired leading companies to think instead of relentlessly enriching their data, accelerating it, manipulating it, and ensuring it gets into the hands of as many relevant people as possible.
By Bob Evans


2. Trends in Consumer Goods: Understanding Customers with Big Data

By leveraging the vast amount of information available, consumer goods IT executives can deliver an unprecedented amount of decision-making power to their business executives.
By Cassie Moren 


3. Trends in Analytics: The Potential of Autonomous Analytical Agents

Independent agents such as event-driven architectures and self-learning machines consume information about us and formulate their own hypotheses. This evolution of technology has already begun.
By Christopher Sowa


4. Trends in Security: Mitigating the Risks of the Data Explosion

As organizations seek to manage the sheer volume of data being generated, they should ensure they are protecting themselves from the risks that data dependency and systems integration can bring.
By Paul Vallée


5. Trends in Tech Careers: How to Stay Competitive and Ahead of the Crowd

Three major trends in staffing in the technology industry are changing the competitive landscape. Here’s how tech professionals can be prepared.
By Karen Armon


6. Trends in Cloud Computing: The Impact of Mobile Devices

The cloud is increasingly being accessed by mobile devices. Companies that enable full access to corporate resources through these devices will gain competitive advantage.
By Stian Lofstad


7. Trends in Big Data: Three Ways to Reap Big Rewards

 As big data comes of age, we will see a shift to a new normal. Three strategies can help organizations transform their big data initiative into an enabler of continuous competitive advantage.
By Yashpaul Singh Dogra


8. Trends in Employee Training: Online Global Learning Management

The training of employees is increasingly being taken over by online learning management systems. Five characteristics of these systems define best practices and lead to the best results.
By Denise Pirrotti Hummel


9. Trends in Disaster Recovery: Is Your Organization Prepared?

Five major trends are beginning to change the delivery of disaster recovery, and will impact organizations worldwide in the coming years. Learn what to do today to be ready.
—By Richard Dolewksi


10. Trends in Healthcare IT: Best Practices in Mobile Health

 Healthcare reform is challenging the way healthcare companies provide patient care. Creating successful strategies around mobile health models and devices is an important part of the solution.
By Reid Oakes and Chequeta Allen  


11. Trends in Manufacturing Operations: Leveraging Big Data across the Value Chain

Leveraging the vast amounts of data in the hybrid data ecosystem can transform the operational and industrial landscape. Three important factors determine the success of a big data initiative in operations.
By Harshad Khatri  


12. Trends in Finance Services IT: Increasing Transparency and Accountability

The demands on financial institutions are two-fold: increase transparency, and do more with less. Modernizing IT systems and creating centralized platforms can help meet both demands.
By Maneesh Chhabra


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