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San Diego, California-based ecoATM is out to change the wasteful lifecycle of consumer electronics by making it easy to recycle old cell phones and get cash for them. “People want to recycle,” says ecoATM CEO Tom Tullie, “but there are few practical options for consumers to responsibly recycle cell phones and other devices. So the vast majority end up as e-waste.”

ecoATM builds automated self-service kiosks that dole out cash for old mobile phones. These ATMs will inspect a cell phone, evaluate its real-time value on the secondary market, and pay cash for it on the spot. The phones get refurbished and resold into secondary markets, which include developing countries as well as online markets and insurance and warranty replacements in the U.S.

ecoATM kiosks also recycle larger consumer electronics, including MP3 players and tablets. “Recycling is good for the environment, the customer, and the international market,” says Tullie. 

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Bobbie Hartman

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