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New Zealanders are among the world’s biggest consumers of beer, quaffing more than 75 liters of brew per person, per year. Indeed, according to a 2012 WilliamsWarn survey of 681 males, more than a quarter of them have tried home brewing—but most eventually quit because of the time involved and low quality of the beer produced.

“It’s a hassle,” says credentialed brewmaster Ian Williams of the home brew process.

Developed by New Zealanders Williams and Anders Warn, a food technology engineer, the WilliamsWarn is an all-in-one brewing machine capable of creating a commercial-quality beer in seven days with minimal effort.

The stainless steel brewing appliance handles the entire beer-making process, including carbonation, temperature control, and clarification. Retailing at US$5,660, your personal brewski comes at a price. Cheers. To get started on making your own home brew, visit

Bobbie Hartman, May 2013

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