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It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, …It’s a Sandwich?

H ow can fast food get even faster? Customers ordering from whimsical Melbourne, Australia–based sandwich startup Jafflechutes pay for orders through PayPal, select a pickup time, and then stand on a designated X to wait for their food to float down to them via a brightly colored parachute.


The menu is all about grilled cheese—but even when tossing down simple sandwiches, air delivery has its challenges, admits Adam Grant, one of Jafflechutes’ founders. That’s why there’s a smart customer service policy in place: “If we lose an order to a tree or ledge on its way down, we immediately replace it with another and retrieve the stranded parachute later on for recycling,” Grant says.

You no longer have to go Down Under to catch a sailing sandwich. Jafflechutes came to North America in May 2014 to start launching lunches in New York, New York, and Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Where will the next drop be? Keep watching the sky and the Jafflechutes Twitter feed @jafflechutes.

Margaret Harrist

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