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Two-Wheel Odyssey


Outward-bound cyclists are opting for more-extreme treks that stretch thousands of miles—and include some of the world’s most dramatic settings. Canada-based Tour d’Afrique offers a tour that begins in front of the Taj Mahal in Agra, India, and ends 45 days and 4,350 km later at the southern tip of the country. Along the way, the cyclists have 10 rest days in fascinating places, including the Taj Mahal. Some have even slept in a Maharaja’s palace.

So how do you prepare for an extreme cycling vacation? According to Shanny Hill, Tour d’Afrique’s Indian tour project manager, riders first need to make their bikes a part of their lives for a few months prior to the start date. “Anyone is capable, but you should definitely train for it,” he advises. A good attitude, Hill says, is the most important thing to take along on a long cycling adventure.

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Margaret Harrist

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