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GREEN: Stats and thermostats

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Home Climate Change

The Nest Learning Thermostat brings artificial intelligence to the humble home thermostat. Developed by Apple alums Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers, Nest transforms the clunky, manually operated box into an efficient home energy management system that programs itself and teaches you how to use less energy.

Using a combination of activity sensors, algorithms, and Wi-Fi, Nest figures out what’s happening around it. Nest learns your schedule and shuts off when no one is home, for example. Should you stay out late or go away for the weekend, Nest automatically makes adjustments, helping you reduce your energy consumption—and your energy bill.

“Today’s thermostats are ugly and hard to program,” says Rogers. “They haven’t changed in 30 years. We set out to make a revolutionary product that would look beautiful on a wall and make it easy for people to stop wasting energy at home.”

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