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When you’re operating at C-level, retaining large quantities of information while juggling a packed schedule is de rigueur. Finding time to stay in great brain shape may not be at the top of the to-do list, but according to 2012 USA Memory Championship winner Nelson Dellis—who set a record by memorizing 303 random numbers in just five minutes—executives can use his techniques to sharpen their skills. “The first step is just getting people to believe that what I am doing is something that every brain is capable of,” he says.

Keep your brain healthy with daily crosswords and other puzzles that make your brain “scramble,” says Dellis. He suggests spending just 10 minutes a day actively working on your memory. “That could be as simple as trying to remember a list of random words, or trying to imagine your own number system and memorize digits,” he advises. Bad with names? Try this: pick a distinguishing feature on a person’s face, and then ask for his or her name to make a visual memory connection.

Dellis has taken his passion for memory to great heights—literally. As the founder of Climb For Memory, a nonprofit organization geared toward raising awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s disease research, Dellis organizes mountain climbs around the world.

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Kate Pavao

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