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Technology can make it tricky for retailers to get shoppers to continue coming to, and buying at, their bricks-and-mortar stores. With online shopping and “showrooming”—when shoppers use their mobile phones in stores to see if they can get an item at a better price at another location, including the retailer’s own website—customers have a lot of control at their fingertips.


But instead of fighting these trends, some major retail and consumer brands are using mobile technology to build a competitive advantage of their own—and keep customers happy. These retailers have adopted geofencing to leverage the location data provided by their customers’ mobile phones—alerting them when customers are near or in a physical store.

Customers still have to opt in, but once they do, their devices will transmit an alert when they enter, are in, or even exit a defined geofence location. Then, retailers can send them text messages with coupons, targeted offers, and customized assistance.

Aaron Lazenby

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