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Data on Tap

Tablet-based app connects mobile workers with powerful enterprise systems.

by Alison Weiss

Tablets are increasingly becoming the device of choice for professionals who want to stay productive away from the office. In fact, a recent report from International Data Corporation (IDC) revealed that the worldwide tablet market grew 49.5 percent year over year in the third quarter of 2012, with a total of 27.8 million tablets shipped worldwide.

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While tablets are lauded for providing quick access to the Web and e-mail, recent analysis indicates that more workers are using mobile devices to access customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning, and many other business applications and data.

To meet that demand, the new Oracle Fusion Tap iPad app offers a streamlined way for tablet users to amplify their productivity on the go. Running on Oracle’s cloud-based enterprise applications, Oracle Fusion Tap requires one uncomplicated Apple App Store installation to provide a single access point for Oracle applications, including CRM, human resources, and more.

“Oracle Fusion Tap is really for individuals who are on the road or who have multiple responsibilities. Sometimes you’re looking at sales quotas, sometimes you need to look at a team’s goals or someone’s productivity performance,” says Chris Leone, senior vice president of applications development at Oracle. “Oracle Fusion Tap boosts productivity by providing information to make decisions and the tools to execute on those decisions on the go, regardless of where the information is sourced.”

Staff can access the EPPM solution within days, rather than waiting for corporate IT to put technology in place.

Oracle Fusion Tap’s capabilities are grouped in three areas: connect, analyze, and work. Connect allows users to socially link up around a specific area of the business, such as a sales opportunity. Analyze gives users access to information to assist with business decision-making, such as key business performance indicators and analyses. Work provides the tools to take action on decisions.

Oracle Fusion Tap takes advantage of cloud-based Oracle Fusion Applications that are automatically tailored and personalized. Oracle Fusion Tap looks at the features deployed and the roles granted to a user and provides the user with a personalized experience—supporting Oracle Talent Management Cloud Service, Oracle Sales and Marketing Cloud Service, and Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud Service. So, if a user makes a change in a CRM application on the desktop, it is automatically applied and visible in Oracle Fusion Tap.

Recent analysis indicates that more workers are using mobile devices to access business applications and data.

Leone believes users will find that Oracle Fusion Tap makes it much easier to move a transaction through a business process in an application compared to the normal ways things are accomplished through disconnected collaboration tools such as e-mail. “Amplified productivity is not only about mobile users being productive outside the office,” he says. “It is also about allowing them to make the rest of the organization more productive by being able to move things faster and eliminate bottlenecks.”

While initially only available for the Apple iPad, plans call for extending Oracle Fusion Tap to other device platforms and form factors in spring 2013.

Alison Weiss is a frequent contributor to Profit.

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