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Engineered Performance: Chicago, Illinois


In 2011, Team Oracle Captain Sean D. Tucker was named one of the Living Legends of Aviation, an achievement he shares with the likes of test pilot General Chuck Yeager and astronaut John Glenn. But despite years of experience that amount to more than 20,000 hours in the air, Tucker doesn’t hesitate to share credit with his aircraft, the Oracle Challenger III. “This is the finest flying machine I’ve ever operated,” Tucker says of the plane, which was completely redesigned and rebuilt for the 2012 season. “This machine challenges me and will allow me to execute the next generation of aircraft maneuvers.” Tucker gave Profit an exclusive tour of the Oracle Challenger III as he prepared for the Chicago Air and Water Show and explained how classic aeronautics and cutting-edge technology come together to create a one-of-a-kind aircraft.

Aaron Lazenby

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