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Oracle Publishers Program works with participating industry publishers to support the creation of high-quality technology books and related materials that focus on Oracle technologies. Published technology books are valuable in many ways, including raising awareness of Oracle products; making Oracle technology approachable for beginners; helping our customers be more successful; increasing product adoption; and generating buzz for new products and technologies. Oracle believes that publishers and authors are critical evangelists for Oracle, and that it is important to support the publication of Oracle technology books for the retail marketplace.


The Oracle Publishers Program provides support to member publishers by providing access, whenever possible, to product information, early product releases, and Oracle experts, thus helping improve time to market for Oracle technology titles. Publishers Program members are expected to participate in the annual Oracle Publishers Seminar held in San Francisco during the week of Oracle’s annual technology conferences—Oracle OpenWorld and JavaOne.

For more information, please contact , the Oracle Publishers Program, at

Oracle Publishers Program Benefits

Be Faster to Market with Your Oracle Technology Books

  • Provide authors, under a publishing contract, with access to Oracle technology and product beta programs

  • Timely access to information about product releases, documentation and collateral, and product experts

  • Specialized screen shot policy

  • Receive assistance with author and technical editor/reviewer recruitment

Marketing and Promotional Opportunities

Marketing activities can vary from advertising in Oracle Magazine, Profit, and Java Magazine to involvement/sponsorship opportunities in Oracle events, and/or participating with Oracle Technology Network (OTN), and other available activities.

  • Access to Oracle OpenWorld and JavaOne, Oracle’s flagship technology events

  • Participation in Oracle’s annual Publishers Seminar

  • Participation in Oracle Publications marketing activities (potential to reach more than 700,000 readers)

    > Online Publications

              > Oracle Magazine (25% or higher advertising discount available)

              > Profit (25% or higher advertising discount available)

              > Java Magazine (online only, 25% or higher advertising discount available)

              > ACE Newsletter

              > Access to 40 targeted in-depth Oracle Newsletters

  • Access to Oracle Publications List Rentals

  • Creation of custom go-to-market programs with Oracle Publishing

Book Promotions and Discount Offers

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Oracle Publishers Program Membership Eligibility Requirements

Requirements for industry publisher to participate include:

  • Publish and market books about Oracle and/or Java technologies for the retail marketplace

  • Actively promote published books via available Oracle marketing channels

  • Enter into a bi-lateral Oracle Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement (CDA)

  • Designate a single point of contact to the Oracle Publishers Program

  • Provide editorial contact(s) for Oracle technology-related topics

  • Communicate regularly with Oracle, including:

              > Provide quarterly reports on Oracle books in progress

              > Provide regular feedback to Oracle on future publication plans

  • Attend the annual Publishers Seminar

  • Provide 12 complimentary copies of each new Oracle-related title, to be used at Oracle’s discretion

Interested publishers should contact indicating their interest and describing their current book offerings. Acceptance to the Oracle Publishers Program is at Oracle’s discretion.

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Oracle Publishers Seminar

The Publishers Seminar is an invitation-only event for active members of Oracle’s Publishers Program and their nominated authors. The seminar gives publishers and authors the opportunity to learn about product directions through presentations by Oracle executives and forums with key product areas.

Attendees will share lunch and in-depth conversation with Oracle product experts. The Publishers Seminar benefits publishers and authors as well as Oracle, as it provides Oracle with the opportunity to influence editorial plans and get books published by the main publishing houses on the topics we deem most valuable.

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Author Information

Information for Oracle Employee Authors

Oracle employees must follow the employee author approval process before they begin any book projects. For more information on the policy and the process, contact

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