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Welcome to the Oracle Information InDepth MySQL Edition newsletter. A MySQL Edition newsletter special edition is issued each quarter, highlighting information on topics most relevant to MySQL DBAs and developers. This edition is focused on MySQL and PHP.
Starting from MySQL 5.5.18, native Debian Linux packages are available for download.
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Oracle Premier Support for MySQL: Rely on the Experts and Get Unique Benefits
Discover how Oracle Premier Support for MySQL can help you make the most of your MySQL and PHP applications. Download the white paper.
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Webcast Series: Building High-Performance and High-Traffic PHP Applications with MySQL
  • Part 1
    In part 1 of the 3-part Webcast series, we walk through the fundamentals of creating dynamic Web content using MySQL and PHP. We also discuss many of the building blocks and key considerations of building PHP applications, including the frameworks, APIs, security features, and asynchronous queries. This Webcast delivers the essential knowledge to get started building PHP applications with MySQL.
  • Part 2
    In the second part of the series, we unveil some of the inner workings in MySQL PHP APIs to help you make the best choices when building your applications. Many settings are designed to be configured for your specific application to achieve better performance, and yet are not discussed very often. This session will enable you to improve the performance of your PHP applications. Topics include
    • Connection options and costs
    • Buffered and unbuffered queries
    • Handling multistatement and multiresult
  • Part 3
    Your PHP application is running nicely using MySQL. But suddenly it becomes more popular than you expected, and you have to find a quick solution to handle the surge of traffic. In the final session of this 3-part Webcast series, we explain how you can use mysqlnd plugins for PHP to improve your application performance without changing the application code. We provide an overview of the plugin architecture and introduce a number of useful plugins. From those examples you'll learn how to implement transparent client-side query cache, automatic load-balancing and read-write splitting, and more. Finally, we share tips to get you better prepared for heavy Web loads, so you can proactively identify and fix problems even before they occur.

Delivering Scalable and Highly Available Session Management with MySQL Cluster
As organizations seek to enhance their users' Web experience through personalization based on historic browsing and buying behaviors, session data is becoming more critical. Larger volumes of session data must be managed and persisted in real-time, so session management has become increasingly performance-intensive, while also demanding very high levels of availability to ensure a seamless customer experience. In these scenarios, it makes sense to evaluate MySQL Cluster. This is a practical session that demonstrates how to manage PHP session data with MySQL Cluster.
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By Ulf Wendel

By Johannes Schlüter

By Alfredo Kojima

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MySQL and PHP—Developing Dynamic Web Applications
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Save the Date: First Ever MySQL Embedded Online Forum
January 31, 2012
9:00 a.m. PT

Join Oracle’s MySQL experts to learn "What Every ISV/OEM Should Know about MySQL Embedded, But Doesn’t." You’ll get advice on development, deployment, application integration, and performance tuning. More details and registration information coming soon.
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