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Oracle Unveils Its Fastest Server and Oracle SuperCluster System

Users of high-performance computing systems can achieve new levels of performance, scalability, and economy thanks to Oracle’s SPARC M6-32, Oracle’s fastest server, and Oracle SuperCluster M6-32. Both are based on the new 3.6 GHz, 12-core SPARC M6 processors.
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Oracle In-Memory Applications Power Faster Business Decisions

Oracle In-Memory Applications allow you to harness the extreme performance of Oracle’s engineered systems to create tangible business value by transforming processing models and improving business operations. These processing changes accelerate processing times and enhance the value of data, helping you move batch workloads to on-demand or real-time processing to reduce completion time from hours to minutes—and even seconds; transform online processing from minutes to subsecond intervals and in doing so, turn wait time into work time; boost the quality and timeliness of data used for decision-making.
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New Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance Supports Virtually Any Application and Workload

In August 2013, Oracle released the new Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance, an engineered system that enables enterprises to rapidly deploy and easily manage virtual resources in production data centers and development environments.
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Oracle’s Latest Storage Solutions Set New Records for Disk and Tape Performance and Customer Value

Oracle recently introduced new storage solutions that set new performance records and provide superior performance, unrivalled efficiency, lower risks, and unsurpassed economics for disk and tape customers.
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Oracle Unveils Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance ZS3 Series—Delivers World-Record Performance and Unrivaled Efficiency for Oracle Applications

Oracle Introduces StorageTek T10000D Tape Drive

Oracle Introduces StorageTek Linear Tape File System, Library Edition

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Larry Ellison

Announcing Oracle’s SPARC M6-32 and Oracle SuperCluster M6-32

At Oracle OpenWorld Larry Ellison unveiled Oracle’s fastest and most scalable server and engineered system, Oracle’s SPARC M6-32 and Oracle SuperCluster M6-32. Find out why Oracle’s big memory machines are ideal for in-memory applications and consolidation.

Introducing Oracle’s StorageTek T10000D Tape Drive

The new StorageTek T10000D is the world's fastest and highest capacity tape drive, delivering up to 252 MB/sec and 8.5 TB native capacity making it ideal for data centers with growing data retention requirements.

dcVAST Unleashes the Power of Oracle for Infrastructure as a Service

dcVAST is an IT services company offering infrastructure as a service. The company chose an Oracle solution built around Oracle’s Sun x86 systems, which delivers 50 percent lower TCO than a comparable solution, in addition to superior virtualization, I/O capabilities, and scalability.

Build Your Modern Data Center

Increase performance and reliability, improve flexibility and scalability, and focus resources on innovation. Transform your data center into an efficient profit driver.

Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance: System Walk-Through

See how it takes just 51 minutes and 35 seconds from power-on of the system to production-ready.

Networking Fabric Changes in Minutes with Oracle Virtual Networking and Oracle VM

Get step by step instructions to use Oracle Virtual Networking with Oracle VM.

Want to increase the performance of your Oracle applications? Run them on Oracle systems

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Introducing Oracle’s Highest-Performing System: The M6 Big Memory Machine

Oracle’s John Fowler shares how Oracle’s new big memory machine redefines the economics of computing with breakthrough engineering. You’ll hear how the price-performance advantages of Oracle’s SPARC M6-32 system allows you to use your current budget to deploy fewer, more-powerful systems to run all your software applications, while increasing performance and efficiency.

Announcing Oracle’s Next-Generation Application Engineered Storage: Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance ZS3 Series

Oracle announced the latest Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance Series, ZFS Storage ZS3 Series, delivering world record performance and unrivaled efficiency for Oracle applications. Powered by an advanced architecture, the series has achieved the highest throughput, the lowest latency, and better price/performance when compared to similar NetApp, EMC, IBM, and HP systems.

Oracle Announces Record-Breaking Technology for Digital Archives

View this launch webcast showcasing Oracle’s new innovative digital archive technology. Hear how to store exabytes of data on a system that is easy to access and manage, while also lowering the TCO of long-term archives.

Maximize Business Innovation and IT Efficiency by Running Oracle E-Business Suite on Oracle Systems

Hear from Alpha Natural Resources and other customers on how deploying Oracle E-Business Suite on Oracle systems boosted their business.

Latest Innovations in Oracle Database 12c

80 percent of IT security programs don't address database security, according to Forrester Research. Hear from our experts on how Oracle Database 12c helps businesses stay ahead of evolving security threats and the regulatory landscape with preventive and detective security controls that include sensitive data discovery, real-time data redaction, and privileged analysis.

Plug into Oracle Database 12c

Plug into the cloud with a multitenant architecture that lowers cost, increases agility, and minimizes risk. Attend this monthly webcast series and learn how Oracle Database 12c can help you reduce IT complexity while improving quality of service.

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Alpha Natural Resources Discusses Gains Business Advantage by Running Oracle E-Business Suite on Oracle Systems

Alpha Natural Resources Director of Business Applications Jeff Bauserman discusses how running its Oracle E-Business Suite on Oracle systems helped it eliminate unplanned downtime and gain increased performance.

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Discover the Power of Running Oracle Applications on Oracle Systems

Get superior performance for better business results, and discover the simple way to improve the performance of your Oracle applications.

Linear Tape File System for Dummies

The linear tape file system (LTFS) is a rapidly evolving storage industry standard that enables tape to be used for backup, archive, and other applications without being tied to proprietary software. Learn about the advantages of LTFS-formatted tape and how you can solve your IT storage challenges with Oracle Storage solutions.

Tape Upgrade Guide

New StorageTek tape solutions offer a range of upgrade alternatives to help improve performance, increase capacity, boost efficiency, and lower costs. In the newly updated upgrade guide you’ll discover a simple upgrade path for modernizing your storage infrastructure. Hear about performance, efficiency, and reliability improvements and learn how to get more capacity for a lower TCO with simplified management as well as fewer cartridges, slots, and libraries.

Server Consolidation for Dummies

Get your free copy of this Oracle second special edition e-book to discover how server consolidation can help you reduce data center complexity and operating costs, deploy applications faster, and improve business flexibility.

Server Virtualization for Dummies

Learn more about how Oracle's server virtualization solutions can help you eliminate complexity, reduce costs, and respond rapidly to changing needs with this recently updated, free e-book.

Enterprise Computing with Oracle Solaris for Dummies

Get your free e-book and get simple, practical advice on simplifying IT infrastructure, reducing costs, and enhancing performance with the world’s #1 UNIX operating system.

Oracle’s SPARC M6-32 Server: Highest Performance and Best RAS in a Single Server

Find out how to manage your mission-critical enterprise applications with Oracle’s SPARC M6-32 server.

The Best Sun x86 Performance and Lowest TCO

Discover how the power of integration can transform your data center.

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The SPARC Difference: Reduce Risks, Cut Costs, Power Innovation

Consolidation on the High End Oracle’s SPARC M6-32 Server

Maximizing Application Reliability and Availability with Oracle’s SPARC M6-32 Server

Oracle’s SPARC M6-32 Server Architecture

Oracle SuperCluster M6-32: Taking Oracle Engineered Systems to the Next Level

Oracle E-Business Suite In-Memory Cost Management on Oracle SuperCluster M6-32

Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne In-Memory Sales Advisor on Oracle SuperCluster M6-32

Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne In-Memory Project Portfolio Management on Oracle SuperCluster M6-32

Implementing Oracle Virtual Networking and Oracle VM Server for SPARC

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Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance for Oracle Database

The industry’s first application engineered storage, deeply integrated with Oracle Database and applications to deliver maximum performance, ensure rapid creation of secondary databases, and maintain 24/7 availability.

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Gartner Report: IT Best Practices—An Integrated Approach to Application and Hardware Management

Refresh your data center and get transformational business process and productivity improvements while reducing cost and risk. Read about Oracle’s strategy to optimize and modernize data centers.

Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance ZS3 Series: The Value of Integration

This analyst brief takes a look at how Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance ZS3 Series products offer exceptionally high performance, a very attractive TCO, and extended application engineered capabilities.

Top Performance on Mixed Workloads, Unbeatable for Oracle Databases

Technology analysts Taneja Group examines the new Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance ZS3 Series storage systems and its enterprise storage features, including key features engineered into the appliance to support Oracle Database capabilities such as Automatic Data Optimization with Oracle Hybrid Columnar Compression and key benchmark results.

Exposing the Unvarnished Truth About Database Storage—Why DBAs Today Have to Be Storage Experts

Industry analyst Dragon Slayer Consulting presents the storage obstacles that today’s DBA has to deal with and assesses how Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance ZS3 Series application-engineered storage solves these database storage problems.

Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance ZS3 Series: The Industry’s First Convergence of Oracle Database and Networked Storage

The Evaluator Group notes that Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance ZS3 Series, as the first instance of convergence of external networked storage and database, delivers unique, automated management features that can simplify the lives of both storage and database administrators.

Oracle Delivers One-Two Punch with New Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance ZS3 Series

In this analyst report, find out how the next-generation ZFS Storage ZS3 Series is designed to outperform competitors in both Oracle environments and highly virtualized data centers.

Clipper Navigator Analyst Paper: StorageTek T10000D Further Reduces the TCO for Storing Data on Tape

Industry analyst The Clipper Group presents how the new StorageTek T10000D has taken tape drive capacity to a new level.

IDC Technical White Paper: Oracle Virtual Networking—Delivering Fabric Virtualization and Software-Defined Networks

This IDC white paper examines the business and technological factors driving network virtualization and profiles Oracle Virtual Networking products, which are used to deliver software-defined networks. Read how you can reduce LAN and SAN expenditures by 50 percent, reduce complexity by 50 percent, accelerate migration time by 19 percent, and improve application performance by 4x.

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Oracle’s SPARC M6-32: The Next Generation of Oracle's SPARC Servers Is Here

Is your data center struggling to meet your growing needs? Explore the resource kit and discover how the new SPARC M6-32 server can help you improve RAS, accelerate business processing, and enhance efficiency, all while minimizing risk and reducing TCO.

Oracle Systems: The Best Platform for Oracle Database 12c

What’s even faster, smarter, and more scalable than Oracle Database 12c? Oracle Database 12c running on Oracle Solaris 11—and Oracle’s SPARC servers. Explore the resource kit to discover how Oracle’s SPARC servers and Oracle Solaris operating system combine to provide the best possible platform for Oracle
Database 12c.

Oracle Systems: The Best Platform for Oracle E-Business Suite

Explore the resources to discover how running Oracle E-Business Suite on Oracle systems can help you improve business flows, stimulate growth, and help to boost revenue.

Oracle Systems: The Best Platform for Oracle’s PeopleSoft HCM

These resources show how you can increase productivity and enhance insight by running Oracle’s PeopleSoft on Oracle systems.

Oracle Systems: The Best Platform for Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

Get faster Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne performance at a fraction of the cost. See how running JD Edwards EnterpriseOne on Oracle systems offers enhanced business insight and faster reporting for real-time decision making.

Oracle Systems: The Best Platform for Oracle’s Siebel CRM

Want to get more from Oracle’s Siebel CRM? Discover the measurable advantages you can gain by migrating your CRM environment to Oracle’s systems.

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Advanced Archiving Solutions for Media and Entertainment

Did you know that it is predicted that the media and entertainment industry could experience a 7.7x increase in required digital storage capacity between 2011 and 2016? Check out this brand new infographic and find out more about how choosing the right storage solution while driving down costs is essential.

StorageTek T10000D Tape Drive

Find out how the new StorageTek T10000D tape drive redefines the limits of data storage.

Building the Modern Data Center

Find out how smart organizations are redefining data center economics.

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Oracle Specialized Partner Oracle Exastack Partner Oracle Validated Integrations
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Oracle SuperCluster Administration and Maintenance Seminar

This seminar provides students with the knowledge to successfully describe, configure, maintain, administer, and troubleshoot software and hardware on Oracle SuperCluster. The lessons cover the architecture and components of Oracle SuperCluster and provide details on the features available.

SPARC M-Series Administration

The benefits of taking this course include being able to compare and contrast the key features of Oracle’s SPARC M-Series servers as well as their architectural features. In addition, you will be able to configure the service processor.

SPARC M5-32 Administration

This Oracle’s SPARC M5-32 administration training teaches you how to successfully describe, configure, maintain, administer, troubleshoot, and upgrade a SPARC M5-32 system.

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Oracle Days Are Coming to a City Near You

Cloud. Mobile. Social. Big data. The Internet of Things. Oracle customers understand how these technologies are shaping the world, and are taking advantage of the new opportunities created by them. Come to an Oracle Day event at one of 75 cities worldwide, and see how your peers are putting innovation into practice.

Find an Oracle Event Near You

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