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Webcast. How Did Oracle Linux Enable SEI to Save on Infrastructure Costs and Improve Business Response?

How to Ensure that Good Data Never Goes Bad

Data integrity is critical. To ensure that good data never goes bad, Emulex, EMC, and Oracle joined forces to protect Oracle environments from silent data corruption throughout the entire I/O lifecycle. This seamless, end-to-end data integrity solution enables detection of bit-error bugs as they occur—preventing data loss or the need for costly data recovery.

Watch the Webcast as we share:

  • Key findings of silent data corruption studies performed by two leading universities and CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research
  • Insights into T10-PI (protection information) and data integrity extensions (DIX), and implementation of these features by EMC, Emulex, and Oracle
  • The benefits and business impact of end-to-end data integrity

Emulex, EMC, and Oracle are the first companies to provide full T10-PI protection. Anyone working in an industry requiring high-reliability, high-throughput data—including healthcare, retail, telecom, and financial services—should watch this Webcast.

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Oracle, EMC, and Emulex Webcast— Pump Up the Volume: Eliminating Silent Data Corruption

Presented by:

Yaron Dar
Yaron Dar
Senior Manager, Innovation and Systems Engineering, Enterprise Storage, EMC
Sonny Singh
Sonny Singh
Senior Partner Marketing Manager, Emulex
Martin Petersen

Martin Petersen
Architect, Oracle Linux Engineering, Oracle

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