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Latest SPARC Servers Deliver Breakthrough Price Performance for Optimizing
Server Environments

The latest generation of Oracle’s SPARC servers—the SPARC T5 and SPARC M5-32 systems—gives enterprises a number of new high-performance choices for updating their server environments while maximizing existing investments in current hardware.
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Read What Customers and Partners Are Saying

Industry-Leading New SPARC Servers Power Oracle Optimized Solutions

Oracle recently introduced three enhancements to the Oracle Optimized Solutions lineup that draw on the industry-leading computing power of the new Oracle’s SPARC T5 and SPARC M5-32 servers.
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Oracle Virtual Networking Reduces Infrastructure Complexity by 70 Percent

Oracle Virtual Networking virtualizes local area network and storage area network infrastructures to give enterprises greater flexibility and agility for cloud deployments.
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Storage Update: Save Money, Reduce Risk, Improve the Bottom Line

Oracle’s storage solutions are delivering unique advantages and new business agility to customers of all sizes in a variety of industries. Find out how Oracle’s unique ability to engineer hardware and software together is changing the face of data center storage in critical ways.
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Oracle Unveils SPARC Servers with the World’s Fastest Microprocessor

What Customers and Partners are Saying About Oracle’s SPARC T5 and M5 Servers with Oracle Solaris

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Optimised DataCenter

Optimize Your Data Center

IT is at a tipping point. Increased demands from users and increased data all put pressure on IT. Learn about best of breed components, Oracle Optimized Solutions, and systems all engineered to work together. Learn how to turn your challenges into a modern, optimized data center.

Optimised Storage

Do More with Oracle Optimized Storage

Increasing efficiency is the #1 goal of storage executives for the coming year. Is your storage optimized for efficiency? Oracle storage is. View the video to learn how you can do more with Oracle optimized storage.

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Oracle Value Calculator for SPARC Servers

Oracle is offering you a new online tool to find out how Oracle's SPARC servers and integrated technology stack can help you achieve unprecedented scale and simplicity in your data center—so you can focus on innovation and reducing costs. Try it now!

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Announcing New SPARC Servers with the World’s Fastest Microprocessor

On March 26, 2013 Oracle unveiled a new standard for extreme performance with the latest portfolio of SPARC servers. View a Webcast featuring Oracle CEO Larry Ellison and Oracle Executive Vice President of Systems John Fowler to find out how you can transform your enterprise computing to ignite innovation and drive results.

Data Center Storage Trends for 2013

Prepare your data center—and yourself—for the storage challenges coming in 2013 and beyond. In this Webcast, Oracle’s Ravi Pendekanti and guest speaker Laura DuBois from IDC discuss the top data center storage trends, including the emergence of big data, increasing cloud deployments, scale-out architectures, and Flash storage.

Oracle x86 Systems: The Best x86 Platform for Oracle Solaris

The strategic alliance between Oracle and Intel has resulted in Oracle Solaris being widely deployed on Intel-based x86 systems from a variety of hardware vendors. But Oracle Solaris runs better and smarter on Oracle’s x86 systems. Find out why.

Building a Private Cloud Infrastructure with Oracle’s SPARC Servers

Deploy a cloud infrastructure faster while lowering total cost of ownership and improving system performance with Oracle Optimized Solution for Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure. Upgrade, consolidate, and virtualize your Oracle’s SPARC-based infrastructure using proven best practices.

How to Consolidate and Optimize Oracle Databases on Oracle’s New SPARC Servers

Consolidate Oracle Databases onto Oracle’s storage with Oracle’s new SPARC servers. Hear first hand from Oracle engineers how Oracle’s new SPARC servers provide the ideal platform.

Oracle’s Systems Webcast Center

Check out Oracle’s single access point to dozens of Webcasts on Oracle hardware systems and solutions.

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Architecting Business Continuity Essentials for Enterprise Applications

Watch this Webcast to hear Oracle experts discuss how to maximize application and database service availability by incorporating redundancy, high availability, backup and recovery, and disaster recovery processes into your data center.

Performance Tuning Essentials for Enterprise Applications

Join Oracle experts to learn how to profile key characteristics of enterprise applications and how to architect your hardware system’s infrastructure to address throughput and end user response time requirements. Meet and exceed application service-level requirements.

Consolidation Best Practices for Enterprise Applications

Join Oracle experts for our third Techcast and learn to effectively consolidate your application and database infrastructure, reduce IT cost and complexity, and improve performance and availability.

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Making the Right Storage Choices

Whether you are consolidating your storage, trying to improve application performance, or looking to get the most out of your databases, it's important to ask the right questions. This 10-part podcast series examines the most important elements to consider when making storage purchasing or deployment decisions.

Listen to more server, storage, and Oracle Solaris podcasts.

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Oracle’s SPARC T-Series Servers: Fastest, Most Scalable Servers for Enterprise and Cloud Computing

New Oracle’s SPARC T5 servers deliver a host of immediate performance, cost, and security benefits. These systems offer 2x throughput performance, 1.3x single thread performance, 2.3x the L3 cache, 2x the I/O bandwidth, and 2x the scale of previous-generation SPARC T4 servers. Find out more in the new e-book, Oracle’s SPARC T-Series Servers.

Unleash the Power of IT

The Oracle optimized data center provides you with the tools to create unmatched efficiency, higher performance, simplified operations—and significant cost savings. Every component is engineered, integrated, and tested together from applications to storage. Oracle can change the way you deliver IT services.

Server Consolidation for Dummies

Discover how server consolidation can help you reduce data center complexity and operating costs, deploy applications faster, and improve business flexibility.

Oracle’s x86 Systems: Discover the Power of Integration

Learn how Oracle’s latest x86 systems have been engineered to help you meet shifting business demands—while delivering unrivalled reliability, streamlined management, and record performance.

Reliable, Scalable, and Secure—Transform Your Data Center with Oracle Solaris

Discover how upgrading to Oracle Solaris 11 running on Oracle's new generation of SPARC and x86 systems is helping transform data centers worldwide.

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Comparing Oracle Networked-Attached Storage to NetApp

Twice the I/O performance for enterprise data. Easier manageability. Unique features, such as Oracle Hybrid Columnar Compression, for unbeatable storage efficiency. These are just a few of the many reasons Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage Appliance is a better choice for your Oracle data center than NetApp. Get the white paper to learn more.

Upgrade Guide To Oracle StorageTek Tape

Did you know that Oracle has rolled out innovations across its full portfolio of tape libraries, drives, and media in the past nine months? Discover how a new generation of tape storage solutions can help reduce costs and complexity in your data center.

Turn Your Aging Data Center into an Enterprise Data Powerhouse

Learn all about Oracle’s industry-leading hardware. Check out the latest generation of faster, more efficient server and storage systems today. Oracle turns your data center into a more productive enterprise. Discover the source for system refresh, trade-ins, and discounts today.

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SunGard Availability Services Improves Database Performance by 70 Percent and Simplifies IT

SunGard Availability Services uses Oracle hardware and software technology to help simplify its IT infrastructure, increase flexibility and performance, and reduce risk.

Carbon60 Networks Improves Next-Generation Cloud Platform Performance by Up to 20x and Reduces Maintenance Costs

Carbon60 Networks uses Oracle’s Pillar Axiom solutions and Oracle Virtual Networking for its cloud computing platform. These solutions handle demanding application workloads reliably, while reducing management and maintenance costs.

Oracle IT Reaps the Benefits of Storage Modernization

Read how Oracle is modernizing and optimizing IT using its own storage hardware.

R.L. Polk & Co. Improves Testing and Rapid Roll Out of New Auto Industry Intelligence Applications with Storage Appliance

Discover why R.L. Polk & Co. selected Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage 7420 appliance for its application development and testing center.

M&R Printing Equipment Cuts Storage Costs, Boosts Scalability, and Creates Production Environments in One Hour Instead of Weeks with Oracle

Find out how M&R built its consolidated and virtualized infrastructure on Oracle technology, including Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage 7320 appliance, Sun Blade X6270 M2 server module, Sun Blade 6000 chassis, and Oracle Database 11g.

T3Media Digitally Archives More Than 100,000 Media Assets per Year Using Cost-Effective, Highly Available, and Reliable Storage Environment

Learn how T3Media deployed a storage environment built on Oracle’s StorageTek SL8500 modular library system, StorageTek T10000 tape drives, Oracle disk storage, and Sun Storage Archive Manager.

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Oracle Sparc 25 Years

25 Years of SPARC Innovation

Oracle is celebrating a quarter century of SPARC innovation. Learn how SPARC has transformed the past, present, and future of enterprise IT.


Oracle Storage Expert Center: Engineered Systems Backup

Oracle’s Sun ZFS Backup Appliance is a cost-effective, high-performance backup solution for Oracle Exadata and SPARC SuperCluster T4-4. Visit our new resource center to learn how you can reduce the cost and effort of backup and recovery by more than 50 percent compared to competitive solutions.

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Brochure—Oracle Engineered Systems: Engineered for Extreme Performance

Brochure—Accelerating Business Innovation with Oracle Hardware:
Extreme Reliability, Simplified Management, and Lower Costs

Brochure—Extreme Storage Performance: Sun ZFS Storage Appliance

Brochure—Oracle Optimized Solutions: Enterprise Solutions for Mission-Critical Environments

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Oracle Specialized Partner Oracle Exastack Partner Oracle Validated Integrations
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Oracle Vanquisher

Heat, downtime, sitewide outages, legacy hardware, security holes—these are all threats to your data center. What if you could vanquish them to simplify your IT and accelerate business innovation and growth? Play Oracle Vanquisher, a new data center optimization video game and find out how!

Oracle Storage Master

Oracle optimized storage lets organizations do more without spending more. Challenge yourself in Oracle Storage Master, an addictive puzzle game in which you optimize the blocks and files in your Oracle optimized storage system. Play now and become a storage master!

Oracle x86 Grand Prix

Want to learn how to increase performance, decrease complexity, and realize better TCO for your x86 servers? Play Oracle x86 Grand Prix to learn how to optimize performance with Oracle’s new generation of x86 systems while speeding past obstacles in a grand prix race car. Beat all four levels to become a champion and unlock a special offer.

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Announcing New Oracle SPARC Servers with the World’s Fastest Microprocessor

The launch event comes to a city near you│#SPARC

Oracle CloudWorld

Coming to a city near you │ #CloudWorld

Oracle OpenWorld Shanghai 2013

July 22–25 │Shanghai, China

Find an Oracle Event Near You

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