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Extreme Makeover: How Oracle-Sun Transformed Its Value Chain in 12 Months Oracle-Sun Transformed Its Value Chain in 12 Months

How was this accomplished so quickly? Find the answer in this Webcast.

A transformation as ambitious as this could take years, so what was the secret behind this successful makeover? Find out as Oracle executive, Cindy Reese, SVP, Worldwide Systems Operations provides an inside look at how Oracle re-engineered Sun's supply chain. Learn how Sun was able to transform from a make-to-stock model to a new, simplified 100% make-to-order model in under 12 months saving almost $100M! Cindy will discuss Sun's approach to redefining their supply chain, including how they were able to:

  • Radically restructure value network for agility and performance
  • Deliver high quality products with competitive, predictable lead times
  • Drive for simplicity and efficiency throughout the supply chain
  • Realize cost savings through the reduction of excess and obsolete inventories and in freight and warehousing costs
  • Leverage a best practice integrated transformation framework to drive change swiftly

Frank Quinn of Supply Chain Management Review will set the stage for Cindy's presentation by presenting key findings from his book, Diagnosing Greatness: Ten Traits of the Best Supply Chains, which relate directly to the Oracle Sun story.

Register today to hear about this remarkable transformation story and learn tactics and strategies you can apply in your own organization to:

  • Streamline and simplify your entire distribution network
  • Identify excess and obsolete inventory that is costing you money
  • Enhance shipment predictability for greater customer satisfaction
  • More closely integrate the people, processes and technology in your supply chain.

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Join us for a Supply Chain Management Review & Oracle Event

Live Webcast January 26, 2012
10:00 a.m. PST

Featured Speakers:

Cindy Reese,
SVP, Worldwide Systems Operations
from Oracle
Frank Quinn,
Editorial Director of Supply Chain Management Review
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