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Webcast: High-Performance Storage for Demanding Database Applications. Complete storage. Better information.

Don’t Wish for Faster I/O. Just Deploy It.

Join the Oracle Webcast High-Performance Storage for Demanding Database Applications, and learn how to address slow data access and application performance, power and footprint concerns, and underutilized storage media. You’ll see how to:

  • Boost performance—including response time and transactional scalability
  • Reduce costs—with a lower datacenter footprint and dramatically lower energy consumption
  • Increase reliability and flexibility—because fewer moving parts means fewer things to fail and much easier deployment

Your business can do more business when data moves faster. Oracle’s Sun Flash and SSD storage portfolio is the answer to getting data out of the database and into the hands of the ones who need it. Find out how.

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Webcast: High-Performance Storage for Demanding Database Applications

Oracle Storage Solutions
Webcast: High-Performance Storage for Demanding Database Applications

Presenter: Aaron Newcomb,
Oracle, Principal Product Director for Storage Systems

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