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Oracle Webcast. Java Products for the Smart Grid

Learn How Java Can Power Devices and Infrastructure for the Smart Grid

The Smart Grid is one of the most significant evolutions of our utility infrastructure in recent history. This innovative grid will soon revolutionize how utilities manage and control the energy in our homes—helping utilities reduce energy usage during peak hours, improve overall energy efficiency, and lower your energy bills.

Watch our Webcast, and we’ll show you how Java solutions—including Java ME and Java SE for Embedded—can help build devices and infrastructure that take advantage of this new market. As the world’s most popular developer language, Java enables you to work with a wide range of developers and provides access to tools and resources to build smarter devices, faster and more affordably.

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  • Delivers the key features needed to develop embedded solutions
  • Helps devices share information securely and efficiently
  • Makes devices eco-friendly
  • Helps build easy-to-use, consumer-friendly interfaces

Java is the best cross-platform technology for securely accessing most underlying hardware features, from sensors to cameras to networking interfaces. Plus, Java runs on virtually any device, enabling the Smart Grid to extend throughout your home.

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Tues., February 1, 2011
10 a.m. PT
Presented by:

Jacob Lehrbaum

Principal Product Director, Java Products, Oracle
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