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Q&A: Angélique Moon Wants to Maximize Your Trade Promotion ROI

As director of Oracle CRM strategy for the consumer goods industry, Angélique Moon is working hard to educate consumer goods leaders on new ways they can maximize investment in trade promotions. We asked her to share her insights—including the latest innovations in Siebel CRM solutions for trade management.

Oracle CRM Newsletter: For consumer goods companies, trade spending is between 15 and 20 percent of revenue. How are companies trying to mitigate this?

Moon: It’s vital to control spend. Our goal is not actually to reduce that figure, though, but to ensure that spend is as effective as possible. We want to help customers move beyond the basics and gain deep insight into how they can maximize their ROI.

Oracle CRM Newsletter: What are the biggest hurdles to effective trade management?

Moon: A retailer once said famously that he knew half of his advertising worked. The problem was, he didn’t know which half. Unfortunately, the same is often true for trade promotions today. Surveys reveal that 16 percent of promotions are known to be unprofitable, while a staggering 54 percent of manufacturers are unhappy with or unsure of their promotions’ effectiveness.

Oracle CRM Newsletter: So what’s the solution?

Moon: An actively managed trade management process…one that covers not just how to plan and manage events, but how to assess and evaluate them. You have to understand what the key metrics are, how best to interpret them, and how to harness this knowledge to optimize decision-making.

You also need two other key elements: data and tools. This is where we shine. Oracle’s comprehensive trade management solution is the premier solution for this space—once again rated #1 in the Consumer Goods Technology’s Reader’s Choice survey and ranked Strong Positive by Gartner.

Oracle CRM Newsletter: How is Oracle's comprehensive approach uniquely able to meet today’s challenges?

Moon: We have two key advantages: Oracle’s comprehensive trade management solution is both the most intelligent solution on the market and the only true end-to-end solution. It includes everything from management of raw point-of-sale data streams to the downstream use of that data in highly intelligent predictive planning capabilities. And it supports the full trade cycle, from high-level brand and category planning to detailed account settlement management.

Oracle CRM Newsletter: Oracle recently released an innovation pack for trade management. Please describe the key innovations.

Moon: Our latest innovation pack continues to advance Siebel Consumer Goods capabilities both as a standalone trade management tool and as a part of the larger vision of Oracle’s comprehensive trade management solution. The innovation pack has two key goals—to streamline the planning and management of events, and to make the delivery of insights more pervasive throughout the planning and management cycle. Together, these capabilities enable account managers to move beyond mere control and on to effective planning.

Oracle CRM Newsletter: Why have you worked so hard to add these features, and how are Oracle customers going to benefit?

Moon: In addition to the business benefits, directly embedding these features allows our customers to replace customizations with out-of-the-box functions of deeper scope. They’re simultaneously reducing TCO and gaining greater capabilities. And since the enhancements are delivered as an innovation pack within Siebel 8.1.1, they gain these benefits without undertaking a potentially costly and time-consuming upgrade. At the same time, new customers can implement faster and with significantly less effort and cost. In fact, the “related effort” estimate has been assessed at 30 percent of the Siebel promotion implementation.

Learn more about Oracle’s Siebel applications for consumer goods.

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