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Consolidate, Develop, and Secure Your Cloud with Oracle Solaris

Join us for this Webcast series and learn how you can use
Oracle Solaris to improve service deployment -- inside and
outside the cloud. You want to gain the most efficiency out of
existing and new systems; while a cloud offers expanded
deployment options, it also can bring more exposure to security
and reliability issues. View these webcasts and learn how to
employ the cloud without risking your business.

Discover Solaris, the Platform that Protects Your Assets
August 25, 2011, at 9:00 a.m. PT

Oracle Solaris has a decades-long reputation for being one of the strongest platforms for enterprise-grade security. In this Webcast, Oracle security experts will discuss:

  • Security features of Oracle Solaris
  • OS security in the traditional datacenter and in the cloud
  • Security best practices and how they're impacted by the cloud
Extreme Solaris Virtualization Performance, with Features that Can't Be Matched
Available NOW On Demand

Hear some of Oracle's leading technical experts discuss how to:

  • Utilize the built-in, virtualization capabilities of Oracle Solaris to deploy cloud environments
  • Consolidate your existing environment with levels of efficiency you may not have thought possible
  • Increase business agility with the latest release of Oracle VM Server for SPARC
  • Take advantage of Oracle's latest industry-leading, powerful SPARC and x86 systems to quickly bring modern cost/performance levels to even your oldest legacy applications
New Capabilities for Solaris Developers
Available NOW On Demand

If you're running Web-based or enterprise software, odds are those applications have their roots in Oracle Solaris. In this Webcast, Oracle technical experts will review:

  • The latest developer technologies, including the new remote development capabilities of Oracle Solaris Studio
  • New code and performance analysis tools
  • How Oracle Solaris can add to the development and deployment experience for AIX, HP-UX, Microsoft Windows, and Linux users

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Discover Solaris, the
Platform that Protects
Your Assets

Thurs., August 25, 2011
9 a.m. PT / 12 noon ET
Glenn Faden

Glenn Faden
Senior Principal Product Engineer, Oracle Solaris Security

Alex Barclay
Principal Product Manager, Oracle Solaris Security
New Capabilities for
Solaris Developers

Originally aired Aug 4, 2011
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