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Webcast: SANS Tool Talk - User Provisioning and Compliance - Product Review of Oracle Identity Governance Solutions

Translating the IT-centric, directory based view of access and authorization into the process-driven concerns of business users inevitably creates unique challenges. Enterprises struggle to determine which users have access to what resources and what they are doing with that access. Enforcing governance controls is critical to reduce the risk that an employee or malicious third party with excessive access will take advantage of that access.

Dave Shackleford, SANS analyst, recently reviewed the User Provisioning capabilities of Oracle Identity Governance Solutions. In this webcast, attendees will hear from Dave and other Oracle and customer experts on:

  • The key challenges associated with implementing self-service user provisioning
  • Oracle’s unique online “shopping cart” model for self-service access request
  • Real world case study of user provisioning
  • Best practices for deployment
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SANS Tool Talk: User Provisioning and Compliance - Product Review of Oracle Identity Governance Solutions”

Dave Shackleford

Dave Shackleford
SANS analyst

Viresh Garg

Viresh Garg
Director of Product Management

Patrick Abreo

Patrick Abreo
Principal Security
Architect Identity and Access Management, SuperValu

Phil Black

Phil Black
Director of Identity and Access Management, SUPERVALU

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