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BPM and SOA: Application Agility by Design

When was the last time you saw a modern software application ship without well-publicized out-of-the-box Web service interfaces?

We can’t remember, either. This ubiquity reflects the importance of SOA as fundamental for successful business process management (BPM). In tandem, BPM and SOA allow an enterprise to build modular and flexible business applications, delivering both business value and IT infrastructure flexibility—at a lower cost.

“In the real world, a BPM solution should help customers extend applications and fill process gaps that inevitably exist between packaged applications,” says Maneesh Joshi, director of product marketing, Oracle Fusion Middleware. “Business processes must be able to easily connect with participating applications, so it’s not surprising that SOA and BPM have become the building blocks of any IT initiative that promises to deliver business agility, improve visibility, and increase process efficiency.”

Oracle is at the forefront of this paradigm shift, with an SOA-based BPM stack that allows companies to eliminate rigid applications by leveraging pervasive Web services in a loose-coupled fashion. “Oracle is the only vendor that delivers on this,” says Joshi. “The benefit of building BPM on top of a SOA foundation is that you can assemble business processes rapidly, and agility is baked into the application design.”

That agility will also pay off in terms of efficiency, as the ability to rapidly assemble applications enhances user productivity. For example, General Motors (GM) uses Oracle SOA Suite for its OnStar in-vehicle communications system. “It’s given us the ability to bring new products and services out faster,” says GM OnStar’s Chief Architect Doug Mutart. For example, for the launch of the Chevy Volt, the team was able to integrate all their mobile applications directly into OnStar’s core services through Oracle SOA Suite.

Joshi also points to the technology’s ability to deliver increased visibility. “By serving as process glue between different packaged applications, BPM can help tie different business processes together and give companies end-to-end visibility into their business processes,” he says.

Hear more about OnStar’s use of Oracle SOA Suite here.
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