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Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Extends Self-Management Leadership for Oracle Database

“With the latest release of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c we’ve focused on several key areas for managing Oracle Database in both traditional and cloud-based environments. New capabilities allow customers to benefit from less complexity, gain better insight into what’s happening in their database infrastructure, and rapidly adapt to constantly changing demand for services with features such as one-click provisioning and database as a service,” says Willie Hardie, vice president, Oracle Database product marketing.

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c introduces new database management capabilities around several main solution areas including performance diagnostics, Oracle Exadata, and Oracle Database lifecycle, cloud services, and database security.

Performance diagnostics. New to the performance management solution area, Real-Time Automatic Database Diagnostics Monitor (ADDM), Compare Period ADDM, and Active Session History (ASH) Analytics, help DBAs diagnose and solve the root-cause of performance problems faster. DBAs can now use Real-Time ADDM to connect to nonresponsive or hung databases even when they can’t connect through a normal SQL*Plus session. Compare Period ADDM helps DBAs answer that age-old question: “why is performance slower today compared to yesterday?” By comparing different performance periods to a predetermined baseline, DBAs can now measure the performance differential over time and direct their troubleshooting efforts to the source of problem faster. ASH Analytics gives DBAs a new tool to roll up, drill down, or slice and dice performance data across various dimensions. For example, DBAs can filter by specific dimensions for a session, wait class, or service to see where database time is being consumed.

Engineered systems. Newly enhanced capabilities for managing Oracle Exadata Database Machine give administrators a comprehensive and integrated view of all the hardware and software components from within Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c’s centralized console. Another exciting capability is the Consolidation Planner feature. This new feature allows IT organizations to identify which IT resources are ideal for consolidation. For example, the consolidation planner can easily identify under- or over-utilized servers in both physical and virtual environments, as well as help plan and implement consolidation projects onto Oracle Exadata, which is ideal for database consolidation.

Database cloud services. Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c provides new management capabilities for helping customers deploy database-as-a-service platforms. Key features include self-service database setup, one-click provisioning to the cloud, and management. Oracle also gives DBAs the ability to prepackage and preconfigure the database in addition to providing a comprehensive catalog of service templates for quick deployments. Once you have everything running in the cloud, Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c provides comprehensive dashboards for resource tracking, metering, and chargeback reporting.

Database lifecycle management. Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c provides new enhancements to address each phase of the Oracle Database lifecycle. From configuring, patching, and provisioning to change and compliance management, Oracle has taken dramatic steps to streamline the patching and upgrading of multiple databases using automation. This enables DBAs to enforce compliance and prevent configuration drift, saving hours of effort and lowering your risks by bringing databases in line with corporate standards.

Database security. New and enhanced database security capabilities help organizations discover and secure sensitive and regulated data—even as they increase administrator productivity through greater automation. For example, Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c offers an easy-to-use new database security dashboard for managing Oracle's comprehensive portfolio of database security solutions, including database access, data encryption, privileged user controls, and other security policies. It also introduces new capabilities for discovering and modeling sensitive and regulated application data that needs to be masked, encrypted, or audited—making it easier for customers to efficiently manage database security across their enterprise, saving time and money.

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