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Q&A: The Athene Group’s Vikas Bhambri on Going Live with Oracle Fusion Customer Relationship Management

As managing partner of the customer relationship management (CRM) practice at The Athene Group, Vikas Bhambri recently oversaw his company’s implementation of Oracle Fusion Customer Relationship Management.

Now that The Athene Group is live on Oracle Fusion Customer Relationship Management, we wanted to find out why it chose Oracle’s solution, how the implementation went, and what benefits the company expects to reap.

Q. Will you please briefly describe The Athene Group?
A. We are a leading IT services provider with a large practice in CRM. We have 130 employees distributed around the globe, and our clients include Fidelity Investments, United Healthcare, Starbucks, and Bayer Pharmaceuticals.

Q. Why did you choose Oracle Fusion Customer Relationship Management?
A. We had been using Oracle CRM On Demand for a number of years, but there were new things offered in Oracle Fusion Customer Relationship Management that we really wanted. For example, we wanted a tool to manage sales campaigns as opposed to full-blown marketing campaigns. Using this tool, salespeople can quickly select a group of contacts and send an e-mail blast with an announcement, newsletter, etc.

Since we're a global organization with people working in virtual environments, collaboration was our other key consideration. With Oracle Fusion Customer Relationship Management, we get an intrinsic collaborative environment that supports activity streams. Going forward, we’re really looking forward to embracing Oracle Social Network as part of our Oracle Fusion Customer Relationship Management platform, and extending it to the entire organization.

Q. What top business benefits are you hoping to see as a result of Oracle Fusion Customer Relationship Management?
A. First, I think the collaboration tools will be invaluable to our decentralized organization. It's going to help people better communicate leads and also drive better execution. Plus, we believe it will be an overall morale builder, as well as a great way to enhance our own internal processes.

We also believe we will have a much clearer understanding of our pipeline. A lot of our engagements are actually fostered by the client teams. Bringing our project teams onto this platform will be really useful both in growing our pipeline and also having better visibility.

Q. What are your users saying about Oracle Fusion Customer Relationship Management?
A. The early feedback has been tremendous. For example, people love the support for mobile devices. It means they can more easily access information that lives within the application when they're on the go. I heard a great story from a salesperson who was about to step into a customer meeting. He brought up the customer contact in the mobile application, used the direct link to LinkedIn, and learned the customer had once been a practicing lawyer. This provided a great topic of conversation during a break.

The other big win has been Oracle Fusion CRM for Microsoft Outlook, which provides CRM capabilities directly within Microsoft Outlook. Our folks live, eat, and breathe in Microsoft Outlook. So the ability to add an e-mail address to a customer account or synch contacts with one click makes a huge difference. We’ve already seen an uptick in record creation.

Q. Which deployment option did you select, and why?
A. We went with software as a service. We are a cloud consulting company, so not only do we implement cloud services such as Oracle CRM On Demand, but we actually have our own product, Data Objectives, which is in the cloud as well.

Q. Have you done any customization of the products?
A. All the modules we’re using are functionally rich right out of the box. In fact, there’s more than we need at this point, so we didn't have any reason to customize.

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