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Welcome to the Oracle Information InDepth Newsletter: MySQL Edition. A MySQL Newsletter Special Edition is issued each quarter, highlighting information on topics most relevant to MySQL DBAs and developers. This edition is focused on MySQL Enterprise Edition.
Lower Your Database TCO on Windows by up to 96 Percent
Are you concerned about the new licensing and pricing of Microsoft SQL Server 2012? Try our TCO calculator to discover how MySQL Enterprise Edition enables you to reduce your database TCO on Windows by up to 96 percent* over Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition.

* Estimated savings for three-year database TCO with MySQL Enterprise Edition vs. Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition with the following hardware configuration: 4 Intel x86_64 Servers, with 4 CPUs per server and 8 cores per CPU.

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Effectively Deploy New MySQL Applications on Windows
Tuesday, March 27
9:00 a.m. PT

NoSQL Access to MySQL—The Best of Both Worlds
Thursday, March 29
9:00 a.m. PT

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Oracle MySQL Enterprise Edition


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MySQL Enterprise Edition Product Guide
MySQL Enterprise Edition includes the most comprehensive set of advanced features, management tools, and technical support to help you achieve the highest levels of MySQL scalability, security, reliability, and uptime. It reduces the risk, cost, and complexity of developing, deploying, and managing business-critical MySQL applications.
Download the white paper.

Oracle Premier Support for MySQL: Rely on the Experts and Get Unique Benefits
Organizations choose to purchase technical support from software vendors for various reasons, many seeing it as an insurance policy. However, Oracle Premier Support for MySQL offers benefits far beyond insurance—you can leverage it even if you never experience problems. Read this white paper to gain a better understanding of the value Oracle Premier Support for MySQL provides your organization.
Download the white paper.

Spotlight on MySQL Enterprise Oracle Certifications
Discover all the Oracle products certified with MySQL Enterprise Edition, and read a brief description of each one. MySQL Enterprise certifications make it easier, faster, and safer to deploy and manage MySQL-based applications.
Download the white paper.

MySQL on Windows: Why, Where, and How?
MySQL is famously known as the "M" of the popular LAMP stack, and in our surveys Microsoft Windows consistently ranks as the #1 development platform for MySQL users. In this white paper we help you better understand why the world's most popular open source database is so popular on Windows, as well as discuss the applications best suited to MySQL on Microsoft's platform, and how Windows shops relying on Microsoft databases should get going with MySQL.
Download the white paper.
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MySQL Enterprise Edition: MySQL Enterprise Scalability
View this Webcast to learn how the MySQL Enterprise Scalability feature can help you meet the sustained performance and scalability needs of ever-increasing user, query, and data loads. The MySQL thread pool provides a highly scalable thread-handling model designed to reduce overhead and enhance efficiency in managing client connections and statement execution threads. The result is improved scalability and sustained performance for high-traffic Web-based applications that service growing numbers of client connections.
MySQL Enterprise Edition: MySQL Enterprise Security
The MySQL Enterprise Security feature included in MySQL Enterprise Edition provides ready-to-use external authentication modules that easily integrate MySQL with existing security infrastructures. In this Webcast, you will learn how to deploy this feature on different platforms to reduce complexity and improve security.
MySQL Enterprise Edition: MySQL Enterprise Oracle Certifications
Are you currently developing and managing both Oracle and MySQL-based applications? Learn how you can use a common set of Oracle tools for both databases.
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BLOGS Cuts Costs by 65 Percent with MySQL Enterprise Edition
By Bertrand Matthelié
MySQL Enterprise Backup: Redo-Log-Only Incremental Backups
By Sagar Jauhari
MySQL Enterprise Backup: Taking Incremental Backup Without Specifying LSN
By Sagar Jauhari
Announcing MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.7.0
By Herma Sridharan
Oracle Database Firewall Certified with MySQL Enterprise Edition
By Bertrand Matthelié
New Commercial Extensions for MySQL Enterprise Edition
By Rob Young
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MySQL Technical Support
Todd Farmer talks about who Oracle's MySQL support engineers are, how they help customers on a day-to-day basis, how they interact with the MySQL engineering and bugs verification teams, and more.
MySQL Enterprise Backup
The MySQL Enterprise Backup capability provides hot online backup for InnoDB, which has been one of the most requested features from the MySQL user community for years. In this podcast, Sveta Smirnova from Oracle’s MySQL technical support organization, gives an overview of the common MySQL backup practices and tools, and the benefits of using the MySQL Enterprise Backup feature delivered via MySQL Enterprise Edition.
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The following courses provide training on MySQL Enterprise Edition’s management tools:

MySQL for Beginners: Covers all the basics and will get you on your way with a solid foundation.

MySQL for Database Administrators: Learn about the MySQL architecture, how to install and configure MySQL, the use of the InnoDB storage engine, and performance tuning techniques. MySQL Performance Tuning: Evaluate the architecture, learn to use the tools, configure the database for performance, tune application and SQL code, tune the server, examine the storage engines, assess the application architecture, and learn general tuning concepts.

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