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Welcome to the Oracle Information InDepth Newsletter: MySQL Edition for June 2013. MySQL Connect 2013 extends its program to include a full day of tutorials on Monday, September 23, available as an add-on package to MySQL Connect registrants. Learn the details in the newsletter and take advantage of this great new way to acquire in-depth MySQL knowledge directly from Oracle’s MySQL engineers.



MySQL Connect Tutorials Announced

Built upon the successful 2012 program, MySQL Connect 2013 extends the conference agenda and offers an extra day of tutorials, delivered by Oracle’s MySQL engineers, to help MySQL users gain deeper insight into the product. The two-track tutorials are available as an add-on package to MySQL Connect registrants. Check out the complete list below and register by July 19 to enjoy the early bird savings of US$500 over the onsite price.
View the complete list of MySQL Connect tutorials.
Register for MySQL Connect 2013.
E-mail for details about conference exhibition and sponsorship.

A Sneak Preview of MySQL Workbench 6.0

MySQL Workbench is a key component of the MySQL stack. It is the face of MySQL on the desktop, and while it is already widely used, we aim to make it even more popular for developers and database administrators. The MySQL Developer Tools team has been working on the next major release, MySQL Workbench 6.0, and Tomas Ulin, Oracle’s vice president of MySQL Engineering, recently shared some exciting new features to give you a sneak peek into the upcoming release.
Read Tomas Ulin’s blog “MySQL Workbench 6.0—A Sneak Preview.”

Dr. Dobb’s: Detailed Profiling of SQL Activity in MySQL 5.6

The new MySQL 5.6 release adds instrumentation that enables developers and database administrators to better understand what is happening at all layers of the MySQL server. One of the major improvements is the addition of statement statistics, in either a raw (per-statement) or aggregate form, with the ability to drill down into the stages of execution that each statement goes through. It also enables further drill down into the low-level wait events that occur during each stage of execution.
Read the article.

MySQL 5.6: Improvements in Thread Pool

The MySQL thread pool has now been updated for MySQL 5.6. With the much higher concurrency in MySQL 5.6, it is important that the thread pool doesn't add any new concurrency problems when scaling up to 60 CPU threads. The good news is that the thread pool works even better in MySQL 5.6 than in MySQL 5.5, providing more stable throughput that is almost independent of the number of queries sent to it in parallel.
Read the article.

MySQL Selected as the Best Database by Great India Developer Summit 2013

Now in its sixth year, Great Indian’s developer awards recognize the product and innovation excellence of software products and tools that aid developer productivity. MySQL is the winner in the database category in 2013 for enabling the cost-effective delivery of reliable, high-performance, and scalable Web-based and embedded database applications.
View the complete list of India’s premier software developer awards winners.

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New Release: MySQL Connector/C 6.1.0

View the complete list of changes.
Download MySQL Connector/C.

New Release: MySQL Connector/ODBC 5.2.5

View the complete list of changes.
Download MySQL Connector/ODBC.

New Release: MySQL Connector/Python 1.0.10

View the complete list of changes.
Download MySQL Connector/Python.

Beta Release: MySQL Connector/NET 6.7.3

View the complete list of changes.
Download MySQL Connector/NET.

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boo-box Serves 1 Billion Advertisements per Month with MySQL and Hadoop

boo-box is one of the largest advertising networks in South America, with a focus on the Brazilian social media market. The company relies on MySQL and Hadoop to display 1 billion advertisements to 60 million people across 430,000 Web sites and social network profiles every month.

Modix Transforms Automotive Online Sales and Marketing with Web-Based, All-in-One Solution

Modix GmbH is a leading provider of IT-based marketing and sales solutions for the automotive industry, with a presence in Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Austria, Portugal, and the Benelux countries. Requiring a scalable, reliable, and easy-to-deploy open source relational database as the foundation for its B2B and B2C online platforms, Modix selected MySQL in 2000, and moved to MySQL Enterprise Edition to achieve the highest performance for its content management systems.

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MySQL Cluster Technology Update

Thursday, June 20
9:00 a.m. PT
Please join this Webcast for an important technology update on MySQL Cluster.
Register for the Webcast.

From MyISAM to InnoDB? Why and How

Thursday, June 27
9:00 a.m. PT
With the release of MySQL 5.6, MySQL now delivers native support for full-text search in InnoDB along with significant performance improvements. With such enhancements, users who once choose MyISAM as their storage engine no longer have to live with trade-offs and can rely on InnoDB for their various use cases. In this technical Webcast we will review InnoDB’s new features and the improvements in MySQL 5.6, as well as show you how to migrate your applications and data from MyISAM to InnoDB. Specific examples and advice for MySQL ISV and OEM customers will also be discussed.
Register for the Webcast.

MySQL 5.6 Performance Tuning—French

Friday, June 28
10:00 a.m. CET
Have you seen your application slow down but are uncertain of the cause? Have you wondered whether your MySQL database is configured appropriately for your specific needs? In this Webcast, you'll gain tips and tricks to optimally architect your database for highest performance. Learn from MySQL performance pros how to design and optimize a database server, step-by-step, for maximum performance and scalability.
Register for the Webcast.

View all the upcoming MySQL Webcasts.

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MySQL Connector/Java: Best Practices and Tips for Java-Based Product Developers

MySQL for Apache Hadoop: Real-Time Event Streaming to Hadoop Distributed File System

View all the MySQL on-demand Webcasts.

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PlanetMySQL is an aggregation of blogs and news from MySQL developers, users, and employees. It is an excellent source of all things about MySQL, including technical tips and best practices.
Visit the blog.
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MySQL 5.6, InnoDB and Fast Storage

by Mark Callaghan

Replication Enhancements in MySQL 5.7: SHOW SLAVE STATUS NONBLOCKING

by Nuno Carvalho

MySQL Cluster 7.3 Improvements—Connection Thread Scalability

by Mikael Ronström

mysqldump Now Safe for InnoDB

by Ted Wennmark

Introduction to Transaction Locks in InnoDB Storage Engine

by Annamalai Gurusami

How to Backup Selected MySQL Databases

by Lynn Ferrante

MySQL 5th Edition by Paul Dubois

by Dave Stokes

Estimating MySQL's Working Set with information_schema

by Morgan Tocker

Easier Overview of Current Performance Schema Setting

by Jesper Krogh

mysql_upgrade Is Now Version-Specific by Default

by Todd Farmers

The Dangers in Changing Default Character Sets on Tables

by Jonathon Coombes

Calculating the InnoDB Free Space

by Daniël van Eeden

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MySQL at DevConf 2013—Moscow, Russia

June 14—15, 2013

MySQL Mini Seminar: MySQL Query Optimizer—Trondheim, Norway

June 19, 2013

MySQL Tech Tour for Software and Hardware Vendors: Improving Your Products with New MySQL Features and Faster Performance—Istanbul, Turkey

June 26, 2013

MySQL Tech Tour: From the Web to the Cloud—Rome, Italy

June 27, 2013

MySQL at openSUSE—Thessaloniki, Greece

July 18—22, 2013

MySQL at Oracle OpenWorld Shanghai—Shanghai, China

July 22—25, 2013

MySQL at Froscon 8—St. Augustin, Germany

August 24—25, 2013

MySQL Connect—San Francisco, California

September 21—23, 2013

MySQL at Oracle OpenWorld—San Francisco, California

September 22—26, 2013

MySQL at DrupalCon Prague—Prague, Czech Republic

September 23—27, 2013

Find a MySQL event near you

Find an Oracle event near you

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MySQL for Developers

This course examines the tools used by MySQL development professionals when writing applications with the MySQL database server. Expert instructors reference real-world examples that illustrate how to generate complex queries and utilize them in your applications.

MySQL and PHP—Developing Dynamic Web Applications

Learn how to use MySQL efficiently to develop PHP applications. Hands-on exercises will help you improve your PHP skills and combine them with time-proven database management techniques to create best-of-breed Web applications that are efficient, stable, and secure.

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