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Oracle Keynote: Oracle Cloud Computing – Your Strategy. Your Cloud. Your Choice

As enterprise adoption of cloud computing accelerates, organizations must have a strategy and plan for moving to the cloud. What should you put into public clouds? Should you create a private cloud? Should you use cloud applications, platform or infrastructure? How should organizations get started on the road to cloud computing? This session explores best practices for how organizations can move to cloud computing.


TRACK 1: Private Clouds: From Consolidation to Cloud

Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, Engineered Foundation for Cloud Computing

Cloud computing demands new approaches to building data center infrastructure and the key to success is a solid engineered Cloud foundation. But how do you build this foundation? Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, an Oracle Engineered System provides you with the best possible foundation for running your enterprise applications in a Cloud with elasticity, reliability, and scale. Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud is designed to provide uncompromised, engineered performance for Oracle, and all other enterprise applications. It makes enterprise applications run faster, more efficiently and it does this consistently and predictably, within a Cloud.

By attending this session you will learn how to:
  • Realize the benefits of Oracle Engineered Systems
  • Build a solid Cloud Computing foundation, leveraging Oracle Exalogic
  • Gain blazing performance by deploying your enterprise apps on Oracle Exalogic
  • Create an agile Cloud foundation that meets your business needs today and for tomorrow
Product Focus:
  • Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud
Oracle Database Innovations for Cloud Computing

By engineering hardware and software together, Oracle is helping customers deliver unbeatable performance, reliability and scalability for their database workloads. Engineered systems reduce risk in the data center, and are helping customers reduce IT costs by realizing the efficiencies of database consolidation onto private clouds. In this session we’ll discuss the technologies in Oracle Database 11g and Oracle Exadata that enable private cloud computing architectures. In addition, we’ll discuss why more and more customers are deploying engineered systems for their databases, and also introduce some of the latest innovations for managing enterprise Big Data.

Product Focus:
  • Oracle Database 11g
  • Oracle Exadata
Maximize Availability on Private Clouds A cloud computing environment helps organizations better meet service level objectives by enabling their IT departments to effectively deal with spikes in demand as well as outages. By consolidating databases onto private clouds, customers can simplify management of their overall environment and reduce the risk of downtime. In this session, you’ll learn how Oracle’s Maximum Availability Architecture is able to achieve the highest database availability at the lowest cost, by protecting your systems from planned and unplanned downtime, and eliminating idle redundancy in the data center.

Product Focus:
  • Oracle Database 11g
  • Oracle Real Application Clusters
  • Oracle Active Data Guard
  • Oracle GoldenGate
Built for Clouds: Oracle Solaris 11 and SPARC

Many organizations are transforming their existing enterprise infrastructure to offer the economy and flexibility of the cloud computing model. Some organizations are even completely redesigning the way they deliver services. Having the right foundation is critical to success to meet the challenges and reap the opportunities in clouds.

Oracle Solaris 11 is the first and only fully virtualized operating system built for clouds, enabling secure and lightning-fast deployment of services in a large-scale cloud environment. Oracle Solaris 11 works together with Oracle’s SPARC T4 systems and Oracle’s enterprise software to enable a compelling set of cloud-ready solutions that will help customers move toward agile, efficient, and secure business clouds.

In this session, you will learn how you can integrate the cloud and your next-generation data center and overcome the challenges that no other foundation solution has been able to address.

Product Focus:
  • Oracle Solaris11
  • Oracle SPARC T4 Systems
  • SPARC SuperCluster
Oracle Storage for Cloud Environments

Scalable, efficient, multi-application and multi-tenant storage is one of the foundations upon which all clouds are built. This session will show you how to use Oracle SAN and NAS storage solutions to deploy cloud environments with efficient, flexible, and scalable storage that deliver enterprise-class performance, availability and manageability.

Product Focus:
  • Sun Storage
TRACK 2: Public Cloud Services

Oracle Public Cloud: Oracle Database Cloud Service

The Oracle Database Cloud Service gives you the full power of the Oracle Database, with fast and simple provisioning, universal access and iterative development in the cloud. This session will cover the three main areas of the Database Cloud Service - using the cloud with Web Services, developing and deploying your own applications in the cloud, and running pre-built applications in the cloud. The session will feature live demos of all of these areas, and more!

Service Focus:
  • Oracle Public Cloud: Oracle Database Cloud Service
Oracle Public Cloud: Oracle Java Cloud Service

Learn how easy it is to instantly provision Java Cloud Service instances through This session will begin with an overview of the Oracle Public Cloud Java Cloud Service and its integration with the Database Cloud Service. The session will end with an end-to-end demo.

Service Focus:
  • Oracle Public Cloud: Oracle Java Cloud Service
More Value from Your Oracle Investments with Oracle Cloud Services

The promises of cloud computing – scalability, lower and predictable costs, improved business processes -- resonate with managers operating in today’s volatile economic environment. Yet behind the hype, concerns around security, integration, and reliability remain. In this session, we will hear how organizations are leveraging their Oracle investments with Oracle Cloud Services to extend into the cloud with greater value, choice and confidence.

Focus Area:
  • Oracle On Demand Cloud Services
Building Effective and Profitable Public Clouds

Enterprises and Service Providers alike are moving aggressively to evolve their business models to support the ever changing digital delivery models in the cloud. This evolution requires new thinking and the development of strong capabilities to create, deliver, and monetize new cloud services. Come listen to how Oracle’s customers are developing these capabilities with Oracle Communications cloud delivery solution.

Product Focus:
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager
  • Oracle Billing and Revenue Management
Bridging The Security Gap Between The Enterprise and Cloud

While public and private clouds simplify the IT environment, they complicate security and compliance by disrupting the control and administration of user access. As a result, security is the number one barrier to cloud adoption. Organizations that move applications into the cloud have to bridge the gap between the enterprise and the cloud by providing user administration, application authorization, authentication and compliance reporting to restore control and address regulatory mandates. Oracle Identity Management provides multiple solutions to address the speed, scale and trust required by organizations to bridge the gap and unlock the potential of the cloud.

Product Focus:
  • Oracle Identity Management
TRACK 3: Implementing Cloud Computing

A Pragmatic Approach to Cloud Computing

As organizations adopt cloud computing, they need to define an approach that matches the combined advantages of IT standardization, consolidation, and self-service, with their specific business drivers. This session outlines Oracle's Cloud Reference Architecture and outlines fundamental considerations to implement a cloud strategy. Methods are presented for aligning critical architectural decisions and key organizational transformations with cloud strategy, as well as the important criteria to consider when selecting cloud service providers and cloud enabling technologies.

Product Focus:
  • Overall cloud solution
Gain Total Cloud Control with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c is the only complete cloud management solution built and engineered to help you reduce IT complexity and improve your agility to changing business needs. Join us for an in-depth look at the new and unique benefits of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c for enterprise cloud. Learn how Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c brings together three essential capabilities we call Total Cloud Control:
  • Complete cloud lifecycle management, including capabilities such as cloud setup and configuration, policy-driven resource management, self-service access, metering and chargeback;
  • Integrated cloud stack management, including the entire Oracle stack ranging from Oracle Fusion Applications, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Database and Hardware—as well as key non-Oracle technologies;
  • Business-driven application management, which enables application performance to be optimized based on the real-time experience of end-users;
Demo: Cloud Management

Product Focus:
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c
Oracle WebLogic 12c: The Application Server of Choice across Conventional and Cloud Environments

Today IT organizations spend most of their budget maintaining existing applications with limited ability to invest in adding new business value. The Cloud delivery model holds a promise to flip the equation around, but how do you get started? Oracle WebLogic is optimized across conventional and cloud environments to give you the most flexibility and control. In this session we will cover how to:
  • Leverage the latest enhancements in WebLogic that drive higher value for your current infrastructure
  • Gain performance and scalability improvements with WebLogic, Coherence, and JRockit
  • Build your cloud application foundation with a WebLogic-Exalogic combination
  • Develop and test your applications on the Oracle Java Cloud Service and seamlessly deploy to your on-premise infrastructure
Product Focus:
  • Oracle WebLogic Server
  • Oracle Coherence
  • Oracle JRockit and HotSpot
  • Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder
  • Cloud Application Foundation
  • Java Cloud Service
Game Changer: Enterprise Clouds with Application-Driven Virtualization

The ability to efficiently create a cloud infrastructure has been hampered by the lack of practical, cost-effective, application-driven choices for server virtualization available for your data center. Virtualization has gone well beyond the established use cases of consolidation and is now about deploying and managing mission critical applications in the most efficient way possible to serve business needs. A virtualization strategy just focused on the hypervisor to consolidate operating systems and servers may be missing the mark. Come to this session and discover "Application-Driven Virtualization" and how Oracle's virtualization solutions can enable you to effectively deploy and manage a cloud environment.

Key Focus Areas:
  • Oracle VM 3.0
  • Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder
  • Oracle Optimized Solution for Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure
Securing Enterprise Data in Private Clouds

Since two thirds of sensitive data in most organizations resides in databases, consolidation onto private clouds represent an opportunity to improve information security and compliance. Consolidation enables organizations to replace insecure data silos, and reduce the cost and scope of data security initiatives. In this session, you will learn how to control and monitor access, secure sensitive data, and address regulatory compliance in private database clouds using Oracle Database Security solutions. In addition, you'll learn how customers are driving down the overall cost of safeguarding enterprise data, and enabling regulatory compliance.

Product Focus:
  • Oracle Database 11g
  • Oracle Database Security Options
Hardware and Software Engineered to Work Together
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