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Meet the Oracle WebCenter Team: Loren Weinberg, Vice President of Product Management and Strategy

The Oracle WebCenter team includes some of the best minds in the industry, and in this series of articles we are introducing readers to some of the team's key players.

In this edition, we turn the spotlight on Loren Weinberg, who joined the Oracle WebCenter team last September, following Oracle's acquisition of FatWire. As vice president of product management and strategy, Weinberg drives product strategy, direction, messaging, and go-to-market execution for Oracle WebCenter—always with a focus on delivering real-world success for customers.

Q. Tell us about the professional journey that brought you to your current role.
A. I began my career at Fidelity Investments, in systems and business analysis for internally developed applications, and ever since, I've been fascinated by the role technology can play in driving business transformation.

From Fidelity, I moved on to Mainspring Consulting during the 90s internet boom—a really exciting time, as the internet moved from being an isolated business tool to an intrinsic part of the business itself.

After getting an MBA at Harvard in 2003, I joined CA Technologies, where I had the opportunity to help define and implement a new corporate technology strategy for the company during a transformational time in its history.

In 2007, I moved to FatWire, taking on the role of senior vice president of marketing and product management, where I was able to help formulate the new strategy and direction for the company, positioning it for growth in a rapidly changing market.

FatWire had a leading set of Web content management technologies and a set of fantastic enterprise customers. At FatWire we identified the market need for using the Web to drive customer experience, defined our Web experience management (WEM) vision and brought to the existing portfolio new capabilities including social computing and mobility to execute on this vision. With this new strategy and vision and our enhanced portfolio, we were able to drive FatWire to a leadership position in the evolving WEM market space. When Oracle bought FatWire in 2011, I became part of the Oracle team.

Q. What do you love most about your new job?
A. First, it's amazing to be able to work with the incredible portfolio of products that make up Oracle WebCenter—from Web experience management, to portal, enterprise content management and social collaboration, we have a set of technologies that can truly deliver unique value for our customers and help them drive customer engagement across online channels. We also have a team of people that is incredibly passionate about helping customers achieve success with these technologies. One aspect I find particularly exciting is my role in working across the product portfolio we offer in Oracle WebCenter, as well as within the larger Oracle family, and finding ways to use these products together to drive innovation and new value for our customers.

Q. What new directions are you excited to pursue in your new role at Oracle?
A. With the acquisition of technologies such as FatWire, in combination with its existing portfolio, Oracle has a tremendous opportunity to deliver the industry’s leading solution for managing the customer experience. This is something that only an organization with the strength of products that Oracle has around Web experience management, enterprise content management, collaboration, portal, analytics and optimization, commerce, search, CRM, customer service, business applications, and much more, can deliver. This is genuinely exciting because we can help our customers drive loyalty, sales, and customer satisfaction in unprecedented ways.

Q. What clear advantages does Oracle offer its customers?
If you do a side-by-side comparison with competitive products, you can quickly see how strong Oracle WebCenter is, offering content management, social networking and collaboration, Web experience management, and portals and composite applications. Now, with the acquisition of FatWire, Oracle has staked out another major differentiator as the only complete platform that includes a leading system for managing and delivering the Web experience. Oracle is in an unrivaled position to help organizations achieve success by delivering great online experiences to their customers—targeted, personalized, interactive, and engaging experiences across online channels. Our competitors just can't match that.

Q. What keeps you up at night?
A. This is such a fast-moving industry. Technologies are evolving extremely rapidly—and so are our customers and competitors. My current role is to ensure that we always stay ahead of the curve so we can, in turn, help our customers maximize their own competitive advantage. To make that happen, we often have to understand our customers' needs before they do themselves, and deliver the product capabilities they can use to get where they need to go. That's our challenge and our opportunity.

Q. How do you like to spend your time when you're not thinking about enterprise software?
A. I like to run recreationally, and since I live in New York City that usually means Central Park, which I love. I also love to sail, including racing, which I do mostly around New York, or in Martha's Vineyard when I am lucky enough to get away. At home, my husband and I also both love to cook, which we try to do as much as our schedules allow.

Hear more from Loren in this live demo as she shares how to use Oracle WebCenter to drive customer engagement with personalized, social, and multichannel online experiences.

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