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MySQL Embedded Online Forum
Tuesday, January 31
9:00 a.m. PT
Join the first-ever MySQL Embedded Online Forum and learn tried-and-true steps to take before shipping MySQL-embedded products that many independent software vendors and original equipment manufacturers don’t know about—from the top MySQL experts at Oracle.
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MySQL 5.6 Wins the Top 10 Best Open-Source Products of 2011 by CRN
MySQL 5.6, now in development milestone release, includes significant advances in text-based search inside a database, as well as performance enhancements. With the growth of the world’s data set to explode like never before due to data-capturing and data-creating mobile devices, MySQL 5.6 is firmly in place as the strongest open-source database.
Learn more about the awards.

MySQL Selected as the Best Database by Linux Journal Reader’s Choice Awards 2011
MySQL takes first place again in this year’s Linux Journal Readers Choice Awards, with more than twice as many votes as its closest competition.
Learn more about the awards.

MySQL Resource Kit: 9 of the Top 10 Websites Rely on MySQL: Discover Why
MySQL is deployed in 9 of the top 10 most trafficked Websites including Google, Facebook, and YouTube, as well as in thousands of corporate Web-based applications. Find out why MySQL has become the default choice for Web-based applications, and how it keeps evolving to address the needs of the next generation of highly demanding Web-based applications.
Visit the resource kit.

Shlomi Noach: Oracle Excellence Award for Technologist of the Year
Shlomi Noach, CTO and architect at Israel-based SFNK Ltd, won the 2011 Oracle Excellence Award for Technologist of the Year: Developer, for his contribution in extending MySQL capabilities and giving back to the MySQL community.
Read the full list of Technologist of the Year award winners.

Welcome New MySQL Oracle ACEs
Some truly talented and amazingly knowledgeable people work with and support MySQL and the MySQL community. Over the last month the MySQL ACE list has grown even longer with George J. Trujillo, Wagner Bianchi, and Roland Bouman joining. Congratulations!
Learn more.
View the complete list of MySQL Oracle ACEs.

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New Release of MySQL Community Edition 5.5.20—Generally Available
MySQL Community edition 5.5.20 is a new version of the MySQL 5.5 production release. MySQL 5.5 includes several high-impact enhancements to improve the performance and scalability of MySQL Database, taking advantage of the latest multi-CPU and multicore hardware and operating systems.
View the complete list of changes.
Download MySQL Community Edition 5.5.20 now.

New Release of MySQL Community Edition 5.6.4—Development Milestone Release
MySQL Server 5.6.4 is a new development milestone release of the world's most popular open source database. The new features in this release are in development (preproduction).
View the complete list of changes.
Download MySQL Community Server 5.6.4 now.
Learn more about the latest features in this release.

New Release of MySQL Cluster 7.1.18—Generally Available
A new release of MySQL Cluster, version 7.1.18, is now available to download.
View the complete list of changes.
Download MySQL Cluster 7.1.18 now.

New Release of MySQL Workbench 5.2.37—Generally Available
The MySQL developer tools team announces the next release of its flagship product, MySQL Workbench 5.2.37. This is a maintenance release and includes many bug fixes.
View the complete list of changes.
Download MySQL Workbench 5.2.37 now.

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Oracle Premier Support for MySQL: Rely on the Experts and Get Unique Benefits
This white paper will help you better understand the value Oracle Premier Support for MySQL represents for your organization.
Download this white paper.

Guide to MySQL as an Embedded Database
In this guide you'll learn how using MySQL as an embedded database can impact the three most fundamental measures of business success—costs, revenue, and risk—by lowering cost of goods sold, increasing customer satisfaction, and mitigating risk.
Download this white paper.

Guide to MySQL and NoSQL—Delivering the Best of Both Worlds
MySQL enables users to blend the best of both relational and NoSQL technologies into solutions that reduce cost, risk, and complexity. Discover the benefits of concurrent NoSQL and SQL access to the database, integration with big data stores and frameworks, and much more.
Download this white paper.

Evaluation Guide: MySQL Cluster 7.2 Development Milestone Release
With the MySQL Cluster 7.2 development milestone release, the evaluation guide has been updated to reflect the latest capabilities of the database and best practices in conducting a successful evaluation of MySQL Cluster for new development projects.
Download the evaluation guide.

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MySQL Enterprise Backup—Part 2: Best Practices and Working with Oracle Secure Backup
Tuesday, January 24
9:00 a.m. PT
In part 2 of the MySQL Enterprise Backup Webcast series, we go beyond the basics to offer you guidance on best practices for your specific backup needs. In addition, we share how MySQL Enterprise Backup supports Oracle’s system backup to tape interface for integrated backup/restore to tape using Oracle Secure Backup or third-party media management products.
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Watch the replay of the previous Webcast: MySQL Enterprise Backup—Part 1: Online “Hot” Backup for MySQL

Watch More Live MySQL Webcasts
More free MySQL Webcasts are scheduled and added between each newsletter edition, so visit our Website frequently for the most updated information.
View the full list of live Webcasts.

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Solutions for MySQL High Availability
What’s New in MySQL 5.6, Part 2: Replication Enhancements
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MySQL Technical Support
Todd Farmer talks about who Oracle's MySQL support engineers are, how they help customers on a day-to-day basis, how they interact with the MySQL engineering and bug verification teams, and more.
Listen to the podcast.

MySQL Enterprise Backup
In this podcast, Sveta Smirnova from the MySQL support organization gives an overview of the common MySQL backup practices and tools, and specifically the benefits of using MySQL Enterprise.
Listen to the podcast.

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PlanetMySQL is an aggregation of blogs and news from MySQL developers, users, and employees. It is an excellent source of all things about MySQL, including technical tips and best practices.
Visit the blog.
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Read a recent post:

2011: A Great Year for MySQL, In Review
by Luca Olivari

Dealing with InnoDB Fragmentation
by Mark Callaghan

Call for Nominations to the MySQL Council
by Bradley Kuszmaul

PHP MySQL Documentation Updates
by Ulf Wendel

Eventual Consistency with MySQL
by Frazer Clement
Part 4
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How to Log All MySQL Queries in Drupal
by Ilan Hazan

MySQL Performance: 5.6.4 @dbSTRESS Benchmark
by Dimitri Kravtchuk

InnoDB Full-Text Search Is In MySQL 5.6.4
by Jimmy Yang

MySQL 5.6.4 Performance Schema
by Marc Alff

Using MySQL Cluster to Protect and Scale the HDFS Namenode
by Mat Keep

Inner vs. Outer Joins on a Many-to-Many Relationship
by Lorna Mitchell

MySQL in OBS and openSUSE (Current Status)
by Michal Hrušecký

Facebook Tech Talk: MySQL at Scale
by Bertrand Matthelié

Enhanced Conflict Resolution with MySQL Cluster Active-Active Replication
by Andrew Morgan

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MySQL Community Day at SCALE 10X—Los Angeles, CA
Friday, January 20
The Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE) is an annual Linux, open-source, and free software conference held in Los Angeles. This year, SCALE will host MySQL Community Day, featuring a full day of sessions held by experts in the MySQL community.
Learn more about the event.

OTN Developer Day: MySQL—Frankfurt, Germany
Thursday, February 9
The MySQL Developer Day is a one-stop shop for you to learn all the essential MySQL skills. In this free, one-day seminar, we cover everything you need to know to successfully design, develop, and manage your MySQL databases.
Register for the event.

High Availability Solutions for MySQL—Stockholm, Sweden
Thursday, February 23
During this free Oracle seminar we review the various options and technologies at your disposal to implement highly available and highly scalable MySQL infrastructures, as well as best practices for architectures.
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