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Oracle Exadata Extreme Performance Equals Business ROI

Engineered systems such as Oracle Exadata Database Machine achieve extreme performance by optimizing each component—hardware, software, and storage—to work together seamlessly. The singular goal: to help businesses perform better. As many Oracle Exadata customers have discovered, extreme performance translates directly to the bottom line, with quantifiable benefits such as improved productivity, lower costs, and increased return on investment.

Merck & Co.: Fivefold Increase in Query Speed and US$8 Million in Benefits
Pharmaceutical giant Merck’s electronic laboratory notebook application has become a roaring success. To keep pace with the enormous volumes of data the application generates and a rapidly growing user population, Merck turned to Oracle Exadata Database Machine and achieved the following results.
  • Switched to Oracle Exadata Database Machine in one weekend, with the help of Oracle GoldenGate data synching technology
  • Increased query response speed fivefold, even as the user base expanded by 30 percent
  • Anticipates a total of US$8 million in benefits
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Turkcell: Accelerates Reporting 10x, Decreases Size of Data Repository by a Factor of 8
Turkey’s leading mobile communications and technology company (the third-largest in Europe) Turkcell’s network processes about 1.5 billion call records each day. The company generates an enormous amount of data—more than 500 terabytes and growing. To ensure that the heavy volume won’t slow down the delivery of critical business reports, Turkcell turned to Oracle Exadata Database Machine for help and achieved the following impressive results.
  • Reporting speeds increased 10x
  • Data repository size decreased by a factor of 8
  • Investment will break even in an estimated 30 months
  • ROI will total at least 25 percent over three years
  • Total benefits are expected to run into millions of U.S. dollars over three years
  • Additional savings expected from other improvements, including more efficient disk space utilization, higher business user productivity, and faster system deployments
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Australian Finance Group: Oracle Exadata Investment Will Return 42 Percent over Three Years
Australia’s largest provider of mortgage broking services, Australian Finance Group (AFG) offers more than 800 residential mortgage products through a network of more than 2,200 brokers as well as commercial finance, equipment and leasing finance, personal loans, insurance, and property investment services.

As the company has grown, so too has its FLEX technology solution for supporting online sales and loan fulfillment in what is essentially a private cloud infrastructure.

Recently, AFG launched an infrastructure upgrade in which Oracle Exadata Database Machine was central. System performance has improved dramatically and AFG has realized the following benefits.
  • Performance improvements are 2x to 5x faster for screen navigation, product searches, and product-qualification queries
  • Total benefits expected to reach 2.1 million Australian dollars
  • ROI estimated at 42 percent over three years
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The Axiata Group: Achieves Payback in One Year, Yields 60 Percent Return
This pioneering Malaysia-based mobile telecommunications company has expanded rapidly. Today, Axiata Group has 168 million individual and business customers in 10 countries, including 15.2 million Bangladeshi customers served by subsidiary Robi Axiata Limited (Robi).

To keep up with its massive and growing data-processing demands—including analyzing more than 100 million call detail records per day—Robi turned to Oracle Exadata Database Machine and realized significant system performance increases, such as
  • Significantly faster report generation—typically 5 to 10x faster, but in some cases as much as 50x
  • Extended storage capacity by compressing information up to 90 percent
  • Estimated ROI of 60 percent
  • Total benefits of US$2.1 million over three years
  • Project payback in less than a year
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