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From New Integrations to Enhanced Documentation, Oracle Retail Significantly Enhances Ease-of-Use

From installer enhancements to easy-to-use collateral libraries, Oracle has recently completed a series of key milestones in its ongoing campaign to make Oracle Retail solutions easier to understand, implement, and manage.

The innovations encompass a broad range of activities, including
  • Integration improvements
  • Installer enhancements
  • New upgrade toolkit
  • Streamlined patch and fix processes
  • New, easy-to-use product information centers
Integration Improvements
To simplify key integrations, Oracle Retail has now completed the following enhancements.
  • A new interface allows Oracle Retail Point of Service 13.2 to transfer all sales transaction information to Oracle Retail Store Inventory Management in a timely manner.
  • Oracle Retail Point-of-Service 13.2 now validates unique identification numbers with Oracle Retail Store Inventory Management for a single item instance.
  • Oracle Retail Point-of-Service 13.3 now provides open external order management integration to facilitate communication with third-party systems.
  • Oracle Retail Point-of-Service 13.3 provides an integration foundation for communicating with external billing systems for payment processing.
  • Oracle Retail Store Applications 13.4 has extended integration with Oracle Retail Price Management for discount rule functionality.
Installer Enhancements
Seventeen installer enhancements have been added to speed installation, including automation of manual steps, the addition of more dependency information, better error handling, and reduced number of screens.
  • Automation of manual steps. Starting in release 13.2.4, deploying the help files in Oracle Retail Merchandising System and Oracle Retail Warehouse Management System has been automated via the installers. For Oracle Retail Central Office and Oracle Retail Back Office 13.4 and 13.4.1, mandatory directories are now automatically created. For Oracle Retail merchandise operations management Java applications, memory parameter updates have been automated.
  • More dependency information. For Oracle Retail Predictive Application Server 13.3, the version numbers of the application and the required Oracle Retail Predictive Application Server are now displayed on the installer screens.
  • Better error handling. In Oracle Retail Merchandising System 13.2.4, the forms installer displays more information on forms that failed to compile. Oracle Retail Predictive Application Server and application installers now use validated fields to capture incorrect input earlier in the installation process.
  • Reduced number of screens. For several of the release 13.2.4 Java products, optional installer screens for manually deploying the product were removed. Some of installer screens for Oracle Retail Predictive Application Server 13.3 were also consolidated.
Upgrade Toolkit for Oracle Retail Merchandising System
In April, Oracle released the Oracle Retail Merchandising System upgrade toolkit to reduce the overall cost, complexity, and risk associated with upgrades from versions 10.1.x to 13.2.x. The upgrade toolkit facilitates the upgrade process by assisting with business analysis, data analysis, data migration, and quality assurance.

The upgrade toolkit contains a discovery toolkit that accelerates environment discovery and performs a fit analysis of the upgrade toolkit framework to the client’s current schema. This toolkit provides a schema comparison tool and a methodology for easily researching patch-level impacts.

The upgrade toolkit also includes the following documentation and supporting Oracle Data Integrator migration code:
  • Installation guide
  • Upgrade guide
  • Implementation guide
  • Operations guide, volume 1—technical overviews and designs
  • Operations guide, volume 2—back-end configurations and operations
  • Data model
  • Upgrade migration scheduling considerations
  • Data mapping sheets
The upgrade toolkit is available through the My Oracle Support knowledgebase (login required) in the article Oracle Retail RMS Upgrade Documentation (ID 1421654.1).

Streamlined Patch and Fix Processes
To minimize the number of releases customers are required to adopt in a given year, Oracle is reducing the release mechanisms for defect fixes from three types—bundles, patches, and ad hoc individual hot fixes—to two types: patches and ad hoc individual hot fixes.

Patches will become the primary mechanism for releasing defect fixes to customers. Ad hoc individual hot fixes will remain an option for quickly delivering critical fixes.

To learn more, log into My Oracle Support and search for document ID 1433358.1.

New Product Information Centers
My Oracle Support (login required) continues to roll out product information centers (PICs) for customers, which provide a one-stop shop for important news and announcements, product documentation, and links to topics such as My Oracle Support Communities, live advisor Webcasts, and the retail certification matrix.

The latest PICs released include To see all of the PICs available for Oracle Retail please log in and visit Note 1331603.1, Oracle Retail Suite Product Information Center Index, Documentation, and Resources.

Learn more about Oracle Retail solutions.

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