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Welcome to the Oracle Information InDepth Newsletter: MySQL Edition for August 2012. We recently announced the availability of the new MySQL migration wizard, which makes it easier to move from Microsoft SQL Server to MySQL and achieve significant cost savings. Also, register for MySQL Connect by August 24 and enjoy US$500 savings! Don’t miss the opportunity to learn the latest MySQL features from the experts and advance your skills.
MySQL Connect—Register by August 24 and Save US$500
September 29–30, Hilton San Francisco Union Square
MySQL Connect is just one month away! The schedule builder is now available for planning your conference agenda. You can also leverage the attendee toolkit and share your excitement and enthusiasm for MySQL Connect on your Website. If you haven’t registered yet, act now so you won’t miss the last chance to save with the early bird rate!
Register for MySQL Connect.
Sponsor or exhibit at MySQL Connect.
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New MySQL Migration Wizard for Microsoft SQL Server to MySQL
The new and improved MySQL tools and features enhance the user experience on Windows and help lower database TCO by up to 90 percent. The new tools and features include a migration wizard in the MySQL Workbench, the MySQL for Excel application plug-in, and MySQL Installer for Windows.
Learn more.

Subscribe to the MySQL YouTube Channel
Watch videos ranging from presentations to product demos in the official MySQL YouTube channel, and gain more insight into the latest in MySQL.
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New MySQL Quick Poll
What provisioning tools do you use for your MySQL on-premise or cloud deployments?
Take the quickpoll to let us know!

MySQL Tech Tours
The MySQL team at Oracle is coming to a city near you. MySQL Tech Tour is the forum to get your MySQL questions answered directly by the experts at Oracle. Come to learn the latest features in MySQL, and get a sneak peek into what's coming. If you are an ISV or OEM that embed or bundle MySQL with your products, look out for the "OEM Tech Tour" events that are tailored for you.
View upcoming events in MySQL Tech Tours.

EMEA Seminars: Scale with MySQL
Are you looking to scale with MySQL on-premise or in the cloud? Do you need SQL and NoSQL data access? Join us for a free Oracle seminar focusing on best practices for MySQL performance and scalability.
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This special spotlight section provides highlights and updates about MySQL Connect. This issue looks at the hands-on labs and birds-of-a-feather sessions.

Hands on Lab Sessions at MySQL Connect
Get the hands-on experience with MySQL products during the two-hour-long hands-on labs led by key MySQL engineers at Oracle.
Share, Discuss, and Learn During Birds-of-a-Feather Sessions
Birds-of-a-feather (BoF) sessions are open forums for MySQL users and community members to raise questions, share experience, and learn from each other.
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Introducing MySQL on Windows Introducing MySQL on Windows
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New Release of MySQL Workbench 5.2.41—Generally Available
View the complete list of changes.
Download MySQL Workbench.

New Release of MySQL Enterprise Monitor 2.3.11—Generally Available
View the complete list of changes.
Download or try MySQL Enterprise Monitor (find it under “MySQL Database”).

New Release of MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.8—Generally Available
View the complete list of changes.
Download or try MySQL Enterprise Monitor (find it under “MySQL Database”).

New Release of MySQL Cluster 7.2.7—Generally Available
View the complete list of changes.
Download MySQL Cluster.

New Release of MySQL Connector/Net 6.6.1—Alpha Release
View the documentation for MySQL Connector/Net.
Download MySQL Connector/Net.

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Migrating from Microsoft SQL Server to MySQL
This paper provides insight into what is needed when considering a move from Microsoft SQL Server to MySQL, and it presents a number of options that help make the transition easier.
Download the white paper.

MySQL Workbench: Database Design. Development. Administration. Migration.
This paper highlights how MySQL Workbench can be an indispensable aid in the hands of experienced data modelers, developers, and DBAs who are tasked with managing the complex data management infrastructure of a dynamic and growing business.
Download the white paper.

Guide to Optimizing Performance of the MySQL Cluster Database
This guide covers how to tune and optimize the MySQL Cluster database to handle diverse workload requirements. It discusses data access patterns and how to build distribution awareness into applications, as well as exploring schema and query optimization, parameter tuning, and getting the best out of the latest innovations in hardware design.
Download the white paper.

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MySQL Cluster Powers El Chavo from Playful Play, Latin America’s Most Popular Facebook Game
Attracting more than two million subscribers in just four months and growing by 30,000 new users per day, Playful Play needed a database that was able to keep pace with the massive scalability and high-availability demands of the wildly successful La Vecindad de El Chavo Facebook game, and selected MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition running on a public cloud to power their gaming platform.
Read the case study.

Polystar Improves Telecom Networks Performance with Embedded MySQL
Polystar delivers and supports systems that increase the quality, revenue, and customer satisfaction of telecommunication services. Headquartered in Sweden, Polystar helps operators worldwide monitor their network performance and improve service levels. Read the case study and learn how Polystar achieved impressive performance with MySQL.
Read the case study.

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MySQL on Windows: Reducing Costs with the New Migration Wizard
Wednesday, August 15
9:00 a.m. PT
If you're considering moving to MySQL but unsure what to do, here is help! MySQL Workbench, the MySQL visual tool, now includes the new migration wizard to assist you in your migration process. This presentation introduces this tool and walks through a full migration process. As a bonus, the session addresses specific issues regarding the migration of Microsoft SQL Server databases into MySQL.
Register for the Webcast.

Getting the Best MySQL Performance in Your Products: Part II, Beyond the Basics
Friday, August 17
9:00 a.m. PT
In part II of our three-part performance series, MySQL performance expert Alexander Rubin will take you beyond the basics and show you the next set of steps to take when architecting your product's MySQL embedded or bundled database for higher performance. He’ll also review some of the new performance improvements in the MySQL 5.6 development milestone release.
Register for the Webcast.
Watch Part I of the Webcast series: The Fundamentals.

NoSQL Memcached API for MySQL Cluster
Wednesday, August 22
9:00 a.m. PT
MySQL Cluster 7.2 adds support for the Memcached API, enabling Web services to directly query MySQL Cluster data nodes without transformations to SQL, delivering low latency with high throughput read and write operations. The session will demonstrate that MySQL Cluster offers all the benefits of an autosharded, real-time ACID RDBMS, combined with the performance capabilities and schema flexibility of a key/value store.
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Watch More Live MySQL Webcasts
More free MySQL Webcasts are scheduled and added between each newsletter edition, so visit our Website frequently for the most updated information.
View the full list of live Webcasts.

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What's New in MySQL 5.6: InnoDB
MySQL Cluster Essentials: Delivering Breakthrough Performance
MySQL Within MySQL: Connector/J Tips from Mark Matthews
View all the MySQL on demand Webcasts.

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PlanetMySQL is an aggregation of blogs and news from MySQL developers, users, and employees. It is an excellent source of all things about MySQL, including technical tips and best practices.
Visit the blog.
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Read a recent post:

MySQL and Hadoop
by Sagar Jauhari

Can InnoDB Do 100k IOPS?
by Mark Callaghan

MySQL Performance Schema Statement Digests
by Mark Leith

Monitoring Processes with Performance Schema in MySQL 5.6
by Mark Leith

MySQL Joins: ON vs. USING vs. Theta-Style
by Shlomi Noach

From Months to Seconds with Subquery Materialization
by Øystein Grøvlen

Statistical Functions in MySQL
by Robert Eisele

What Compression Do You Use?
by Ronald Bradford

A MySQL Replication Load Average with Performance Schema
by Mark Leith

Optimal Index Size for Variable Text in MySQL
by Robert Eisele

MySQL PAM/LDAP Authentication Module Configuration
by Alexander Rubin

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MySQL Connect: One Month Away!
Register for MySQL Connect.
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Scale with MySQL: Copenhagen, Denmark
August 28
Scale with MySQL: Warsaw, Poland
August 29
MySQL at LinuxCon North America 2012: San Diego, California
August 29 – 31
MySQL at SUSECon: Orlando, Florida
September 18 – 21
MySQL Tech Tour: Broomfield, Colorado
September 20
Scale with MySQL: Milan, Italy
September 28
MySQL Connect: San Francisco, California
September 29 – 30
Oracle OpenWorld 2012: San Francisco, California
September 30 – October 4
Scale with MySQL: Woodmead/Johannesburg, South Africa
October 23
Scale with MySQL: Utrecht, Netherlands
November 7
Scale with MySQL: Bucharest, Romania
November 13
Scale with MySQL: Frankfurt, Germany
November 14
Find a MySQL event near you
Find an Oracle event near you

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Updated MySQL Training and Certification Data Sheet
The data sheet for MySQL Training and Certification has been updated to provide you a quick reference to MySQL courses and certifications from Oracle University.
Download the data sheet (PDF).

Get Started Building PHP Applications with MySQL and PHP Training
Through a hands-on approach, this instructor-led course will help you improve your PHP skills and combine them with time-proven database management techniques to create best-of-breed Web applications that are efficient, solid, and secure.
View the upcoming training courses.

Learn to Develop Modern Applications with MySQL for Developers Course
The MySQL for Developers Training Course will teach you about essential SQL statements for data design, querying, and programming.
View the upcoming training courses.

Top Reasons to Take the MySQL Cluster Training
In this three-day course, experienced database users learn the important details to get started with MySQL Cluster, how to properly configure and manage the cluster nodes to ensure high availability, and how to install the different nodes and better understand the internals of the cluster.
View the upcoming training courses.

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Migration Jumpstart Consulting Service
Thinking about moving to MySQL but unsure how to start? The MySQL consulting experts can help you analyze your existing infrastructure, identify potential migration issues, and migrate sample data to MySQL. If you’re a Microsoft SQL Server user, you can make use of the recently announced SQL Server to MySQL Migration Wizard and get expert advice from the MySQL Consulting team!
Learn more about MySQL consulting services.

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Download MySQL Community Edition

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Download MySQL Cluster

Download MySQL Workbench

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