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November 2012

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MySQL High Availability with Distributed Replicated Block Device

Thursday, November 15
9:00 a.m. PT
Learn how to build highly available services with MySQL and distributed replicated block device (DRBD). The DRBD high-availability solution comprises a complete stack of open source software that delivers high-availability database clusters on commodity hardware, with the option of 24/7 support from Oracle.
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Technology Update: What's New in MySQL Enterprise Edition

Tuesday, November 20
9:00 a.m. PT
Find out what's new in MySQL Enterprise Edition.
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Find out how much you can save over Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase. Try the MySQL TCO Savings Calculator.

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MySQL: An Ideal Choice for the Cloud

Organizations of all sizes are rapidly evolving toward cloud computing. In this white paper, learn what makes MySQL an ideal choice for cloud-based database deployments, and why the leading Web database has already become ubiquitous in the cloud. Whether you are a cloud services provider or a cloud services user, you will learn how you can benefit from choosing MySQL as your database platform.
Download the white paper.

MySQL Guide to High-Availability Solutions

Data is the currency of today's Web, mobile, social, enterprise, and cloud applications. Ensuring that data is always available is a top priority for any organization. This guide is designed to assist developers, architects, and database administrators in navigating the complex waters of high availability. It presents

  • A methodology for selecting the right high-availability solution to meet service level agreements
  • A tour of the leading certified high-availability solutions for MySQL
  • Operational best practices to implement and support high availability

Download the white paper.

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With Its MySQL Database as a Service, CERN Empowers Scientists

The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) is one of the world’s largest and most respected centers for scientific research. Learn how CERN delivered a MySQL database-as-a-service offering to its employees and scientists associated with the organization.
Read the case study.

HERMES Medical Solutions Helps Save Lives with MySQL

Fighting illness and disease requires state-of-the-art imaging modalities and software to diagnose accurately, stage disease appropriately, and select the best treatment available. HERMES Medical Solutions needed to select and implement a new database platform that would deliver the performance, reliability, security, and flexibility required by the high-end medical solutions offered by the company. It selected MySQL.
Read the case study.

Tilgin Improves Subscriber Device Management with Embedded MySQL

Tilgin IPRG AB develops and delivers systems and software for the digitally connected home. Tilgin needed a robust and scalable database solution for its autoconfiguration server product, tGem, which manages the devices that provide subscribers with access to television, internet, telephony, and other services. Tilgin chose MySQL as its embedded database.
Read the case study.

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MySQL Cluster 7.3 Development Release: What's New

Oracle has published previews of MySQL Cluster 7.3, including

  • Support for foreign key constraints to simplify application logic and the data model
  • NoSQL Node.js API, enabling end-to-end JavaScript from the browser to the server and now to the database
  • Autoinstaller, making it much faster to configure and provision self-tuned, high-performance clusters

See a demonstration of each of these new features and learn how to get started.

Getting the Best MySQL Performance in Your Products: Part III, Query Tuning

In part III of our four-part performance series, Alexander Rubin gives you expert advice on how to tune queries in your product's MySQL embedded or bundled database. He also covers the new MySQL 5.6 features, which can improve the performance of your queries.

MySQL Enterprise Audit: Policy-Based Auditing Compliance for Your MySQL Applications

To guard against the misuse of information, compliance regulations such as the PCI Data Security Standard, HIPAA, and Sarbanes-Oxley require organizations to track access to information. Learn how MySQL Database provides easy-to-use, flexible, policy-based auditing solutions for new and existing MySQL applications.

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Round Robin Replication Using Global Transaction ID

By Mats Kindhal

MySQL 5.6: SHA256 Secure Password Support for PHP mysqlnd

By Ulf Wendel

Analyzing WHER-Clauses in INFORMATION_SCHEMA Table Implementations

By Johannes Schlüter

Advanced Use of Global Transaction Identifiers

By Sven Sandberg

MySQL Performance: InnoDB Buffer Pool Instances in 5.6

By Dimitri Kravtchuk

MySQL Failover Utility

By Keith Larson

MySQL for Excel 1.1.0 General Availability Released

By Javier Treviño

Recovering from a Bad UPDATE Statement

By Michael Coburn

A Couple of Substring Functions: substr_count() and substr_by_delim()

By Jesper Krogh

MySQL Performance: Linux I/O and Fusion-io

By Dimitri Kravtchuk

Binlogs 101

By Keith Larson

MySQL for Beginners Training On-Demand Course, Day 2

By Ben Krug

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Debugging Stored Routines in MySQL

Keith Larson, MySQL community manager, interviews Fernando Gonzalez about the stored routines debugger in MySQL.

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MySQLTech Tour—New York City

November 15

MySQLTech Tour—Singapore

November 15

Scale with MySQL—Madrid, Spain

November 27

MySQL Cluster Workshop—Düsseldorf, Germany

November 27

PHP Conference Brazil—Osasco, Brazil

November 29–December 2

Oracle OpenWorld Latin America—São Paulo, Brazil

December 4–6

MySQL OEM/Embedded Tech Tour—Dublin, Ireland

December 13

Find a MySQL Event Near You

Find an Oracle Event Near You

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Harness MySQL's Continued Performance-Tuning Improvements

To fully harness the continued improvements in MySQL performance tuning, take the MySQL performance-tuning course. This four-day class teaches you practical, safe, highly efficient ways to optimize the performance of the MySQL database. You will learn the skills needed to use tools for monitoring, evaluating, and tuning. You can take this course on demand, in a live virtual format, or in a classroom setting.

Jumpstart Your MySQL Cluster Knowledge

Learn about MySQL Cluster's distributed, shared-nothing, real-time design. The three-day MySQL Cluster course teaches you how to configure and manage the cluster nodes to ensure high availability. Also learn how to install different nodes and understand the MySQL Cluster internals.

Perfect Your MySQL Database Administrators Skills

Hone your skills as a MySQL database administrator by taking the MySQL for Database Administrators course, which teaches you how to secure privileges, set resource limitations, access controls, and configure backup and recovery basics. You also learn how to create and use stored procedures, triggers, and views. You can take this five-day course on demand, in a live virtual format, or in a classroom setting.

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