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Transparency and Community Participation in Java EE 7

Ever since the launch of Java EE 7 and its component JSRs, Oracle has been very committed to a high level of transparency for all of the JSRs under the Java EE 7 umbrella. We're so excited that increased transparency has resulted in more useful feedback that has improved the Java EE platform. Read Arun Gupta's blog to find out what we've done, how it's helped, and how you can get involved too.

—Tori Wieldt, The Oracle Technology Network Team



Java SE 8 Developer Preview

Java SE 8 Early Access is provided to the community so that we can get feedback on the ongoing progress of the project (milestone list here). Download it at Please try it out and report bugs.  

Java ME SDK 3.3 Early Access Release

Download the Java ME 3.3 Software Development Kit and give us your feedback on the support for Raspberry Pi (ARM11/Linux) and APIs for peripheral IO access. Get started with these resoures.

NetBeans IDE 7.3 Released

With NetBeans IDE 7.3, developers can create and debug rich web and mobile applications that consume Java services, using the latest HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3 standards.

IntelliJ IDEA 12.1 Adds Support for JavaFX

JetBrains has recently announced a preview of the JavaFX plugin for IntelliJ IDEA 12.1. Complete instructions to create a JavaFX application from IntelliJ are available, including interoperability with JavaFX Scene Builder, Oracle's visual layout tool for JavaFX.

Coherence Incubator Enhances Community Model

After consulting with a number of customers, partners, and field specialists, the decision was made to open source the Coherence Incubator projects.

mHealth Powered by Java

The Internet of Everything is happening now! See how the power of Java is enabling medical devices to connect to the cloud in a standards-based, interoperable fashion.

Java Arrives on a $25 Board

Eben Upton and the Raspberrry Pi Foundation endeavor to inspire a new generation of programmers. From Java Magazine January/February 2013.

New Java Champion: Ben Evans

Ben Evans helps run the London Java Community and holds a seat on the Java Community Process Executive Committee- - the body which governs Java standards. He holds a Masters degree in mathematics from the University of Cambridge and is CEO of jClarity. Congratulations, @kittylist! Learn more about the Java Champions program.

Adopt-A-JSR Update

The Adopt-a-JSR GitHub account has been opened and applications donated, check them out! Also, you can get a recording of an Adopt-a-JSR overview for Java community members and more on the JCP Multimedia page.

JavaOne Russia and JavaOne India Registration Open

JavaOne Russia (Moscow, Apr 23-24) and JavaOne India (Hyderabad, May 8-9) will both be two days packed full with technical sessions, keynotes, hands-on labs and demos on everything Java. Join the enthusiasm of the Java community, and take your career to the next level.

Exclusive Newsletter Offer: Save 40% on Core Java and The Java Tutorial eBooks

Core Java, Volume II by Cay Horstmann and Gary Cornell, designed for serious programmers, is an unbiased, no-nonsense tutorial that illuminates advanced Java language and library features with thoroughly tested code examples. The Java Tutorial is a revised and updated edition that introduces new features added to the platform in Java SE 7, including a section on NIO.2, the new file I/O API, and information on migrating legacy code to the new APIs. Newsletter subscribers get 40% off, use the code OTN2013.

Survey Results

Last month's survey reinforced what we suspected, you want more technical articles, and we're working it. Now, let's learn a little about you with two easy questions. Results will be in next month's newsletter.



EclipseCon Boston, Mar 25-28. There will sessions on e(fx)clipse, Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse, Hudson, and more.

Devoxx UK London, Mar 26-27. A premier Java Conference for Developers in London backed by the London Java Community (LJC).

Devoxx France Paris, Mar 27-29. Now in its second year. 75% sessions in French.

WebLogic 12c Workshops Various Cities, Australia, Apr. Frank Munz, Oracle Technologist of the Year 2011, presents 3 hour workshops covering WebLogic 12c.

JavaOne Russia Moscow, Apr 23-24.Register today!

JavaOne India Hyderabad, May 8-9. Register today!

TDC (The Developer's Conference) Florianopolis, Brazil, May 24-26. Event for developers, IT professionals and students, with a Java track.

TDC (The Developer's Conference) Sao Paulo, July 10-14. Event for developers, IT professionals and students, with a Java track.

JavaOne China Shanghai, July 22-25. Call for papers is open until March 1st.



Java Tutorial Update Early access pages on Java 8 features have been made available, including Lambda Expressions, a full lesson on Annotations, and a new section Creating Extensible Applications. Note: This information is available in the online version only.

Mary Had a Little λ Jim Weaver shows you how to use Java 8 Lambda Expressions for event handling.

Exploring Lambda Expressions for the Java Language and the JVM Although lamba experssons might seem unfamiliar to begin with, they're quite easy to pick up, and mastering them will be vital for writing apps that can take advantage of multicore CPUs.

Secure Java EE Authentication Java EE expert Adam Bien shows you how to implement login authentication useing declarative and programmatic security. From Java Magazine.

Secure Email from Java Java expert Mark Heckler provides a quick and mostly-painless primer about how to create a secure-email from your Java apps.

The Fork/Join Framework in Java 7 When should the new ForkJoinPool be used instead of the old ThreadPoolExecutor and when is it better to let it be? This article explores the major new features in the Java 7 fork/join framework.

Higher Productivity from Embracing HTML5 with Java EE 7 Java EE Expert Arun Gupta provides glimpses into Java EE 7.

Getting Started with HTML5 Applications in NetBeans IDE This tutorial introduces the support for developing HTML5 applications in NetBeans IDE and uses the jQuery JavaScript library.

JavaFX is Eye Candy and I Have a Sweet Tooth (Another Extreme UI Makeover) Rob Terp, an Application Architect at Lynden, illustrates a makeover implemented for a new screen using JavaFX, for which he had originally planned to use Swing when the UI was first designed.

ADF Essentials Meets the Raspberry Pi Oracle ADF Product Manager Chris Muir describes all the steps to build an ADF Essentials Raspberry Pi from scratch.



Video: Building OpenJFX on Mac with JDK b78 Step-by-step instructions (and some gotchas!) in building OpenJFX on Mac OS X with JDK b78.

Video: Distributed Caching to Data Grids: The Past, Present, and Future of Scalable Java Cameron Purdy, VP of Dev, and Coherence expert, gives an overview of data grids, core concepts, and makes some predictions about the future. From JavaOne 2012.

Video: Java in the Internet of Everything Small Java Embedded Product Manager Terrence Barr explains how to save time developing for embedded devices.

Video: Code Formatting Features in NetBeans IDE This webcast demonstrates how to use important formatting features in the NetBeans IDE such as, general indentation, braces.

Java Spotlight Podcast: Ashwin Rao on NetBeans 7.3 Release Interview with Ashwin Rao, NetBeans Group Product Manager, on NetBeans 7.3 release.

Java Spotlight Podcast: JSR-349 Bean Validation Interview with Emmanuel Bernard on JSR-349 Bean Validation 1.1.

Webcast: 5 Reasons to Upgrade from Oracle Internet App Server to Oracle WebLogic Server Mike Lehmann Senior Director, Product Management explains the value of migrating to Oracle WebLogic and the tools available to make the migration at low cost and low risk.

Video: Deltek Uses Oracle WebLogic 12c for Advanced Capabilities Deltek, a global provider of enterprise software solutions for project-oriented businesses, uses Oracle WebLogic 12c for JavaEE6 support, advanced Oracle RAC integration, and more. Upgrading 1500 applications went smoothly and took only six weeks.

New Adopt OpenJDK Project This GitHub repo serves as the source code for the upcoming site built by the community that mimics the spirit of That is, to encourage users to move to the latest version of Java. Forks and Pull Requests to complete this site are welcome!

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