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Meet the Oracle WebCenter Team: Peggy Chen

The Oracle WebCenter team includes some of the best minds in the industry. In this edition, we turn the spotlight on Peggy Chen. Shortly after earning her master’s degree in computer science and electrical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2000, Chen joined Oracle, where she currently serves as director of marketing for Oracle WebCenter.

Q. Tell us about the professional journey that brought you to your current role.
A. I started out working in product management, covering supply chain products such as warehouse management and mobile supply chain. Increasingly mobile, voice, and wireless became a focus, and I concentrated on our mobile applications and mobility platform, eventually taking on more responsibility and driving product strategy for our RFID solutions. I then switched over to product marketing and have since marketed our embedded, grid, and cloud technologies. This experience led to my current role with Oracle WebCenter.

Q. Describe your typical day.
A. I don't really have a typical day, although one thing is consistent: we practically live in PowerPoint. That said, some days I'm concentrating on executing campaigns and events, or creating new content with product management. Some days are concentrated on strategy with the sales team.

And some days, it's about analyzing results and strategizing how to make the next round more successful. That's a creative aspect of my role that I really enjoy. We are using social media more and more and also creating more visual content. It's as though we are all becoming advertisers, in a way.

Q. What keeps you up at night?
A. That's a no brainer—my one-year-old daughter!

Q. What should attendees at this year’s Oracle OpenWorld be sure to attend?
A. We have a really packed series of sessions around Oracle WebCenter this year. However, I would definitely recommend the vision and strategy sessions. They're a great way to get up to speed fast on the latest developments, and to set your priorities to get the most out of the rest of the conference.

Also, I think our customer panels are going to be fantastic. It's such a great chance to hear directly from the front lines, not just from us. Whether you've already implemented the solutions or are just considering them, you'll take home some invaluable insights and lessons learned.

Q. Are there any upcoming programs or events that would be of interest to Oracle WebCenter customers?
A. Definitely. We have two great new monthly Webcast series. Our Social Business Thought Leaders series features industry experts discussing social networking, which we've seen is increasingly vital to keeping an organization vibrant and relevant in today's competitive climate.

The other series, Oracle WebCenter in Action, features customers and partners who've successfully built next-generation engagement platforms using Oracle WebCenter solutions. 

Q. What is the Oracle WebCenter customer success story that you most like to tell?
A. It can be hard to explain to family and friends what it is I work on. But one night, we were watching TV, and an ad came on for and it featured their Website. It was great, because I got to say, "Hey, we make the solutions that power that cool site!" You know, we're all about helping our customers engage their own customers, employees, and partners, and this was a great way of showing that at work.

Q. How do you like to spend your time when you’re not thinking about enterprise software?
A. When I'm not hanging out with my two girls—I have a three-year-old and a one-year-old—you'll probably find me in the kitchen baking. Right now I have this thing about French macaroons—I’m trying to make the perfect batch!

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