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Welcome to the Oracle Information InDepth Newsletter: MySQL Edition For October 2012. We recently held a very successful first edition of MySQL Connect, where we shared exciting news with the MySQL community.
Oracle Announces MySQL 5.6 Release Candidate
New version of the world’s most popular open source database is faster and more scalable.
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Oracle Unveils First Development Milestone Release of MySQL Cluster 7.3
Delivers increased flexibility and simplicity.
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Oracle Releases New Commercial Extensions for MySQL Enterprise Edition
Delivers advanced security and high-availability options.
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Watch the MySQL Connect keynotes online including

The State of the Dolphin

Featuring Oracle Chief Corporate Architect Edward Screven and MySQL Vice President of Engineering Tomas Ulin.

MySQL Perspectives
Featuring power users of MySQL who share their experiences and perspectives
  • Jeremy Cole, DBA team manager, Twitter
  • Daniel Austin, chief architect, PayPal
  • Ash Kanagat, IT director, Verizon Wireless
  • Shivinder Singh, database architect, Verizon Wireless
Presentation Slides
Access slides from MySQL Connect presentations in the content catalog.

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Getting the Best MySQL Performance in Your Products: Part III, Query Tuning
Friday, October 26
9:00 a.m. PT
In part III of our four-part performance series, Alexander Rubin gives you expert advice on how to tune queries in your product's MySQL embedded or bundled database.
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MySQL on Windows: Reducing Costs with the New Migration Wizard
Tuesday, October 30
10:30 a.m. CET
Discover the new Microsoft SQL Server to MySQL migration Wizard.
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MySQL Enterprise Audit: Policy-Based Auditing Compliance for Your MySQL Applications
Tuesday, October 30
9:00 a.m. PT
Learn how the MySQL Database provides easy to use, flexible, policy-based auditing solutions for new and existing MySQL applications.
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What's New in the MySQL 5.6 Release Candidate

New MySQL Cluster 7.3 Previews: Foreign Keys, NoSQL Node.js API, and Autotuned Clusters

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MySQL Cluster Autoinstaller

MySQL Replication Utilities

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MySQL Community Edition 5.6.7 Release Candidate
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MySQL Cluster 7.3 Development Milestone Release
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MySQL Connector/Python 1.0.7 Generally Available
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MySQL Workbench 5.2.44 Generally Available
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MySQL Connector/ODBC 5.2.2 Generally Available
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MySQL Enterprise Monitor 2.3.12 Generally Available
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MySQL Community Edition 5.5.28 Generally Available
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MySQL Enterprise Edition Product Guide
MySQL Enterprise Edition includes the most comprehensive set of advanced features, management tools, and technical support to achieve the highest levels of MySQL scalability, security, reliability, and uptime. It reduces the risk, cost, and complexity in developing, deploying, and managing business-critical MySQL applications.
Download the white paper.

MySQL High Availability: Distributed Replication Block Device—Configuration and Deployment Guide
There are many different ways to achieve high availability for MySQL. This guide details Distributed Replication Block Device (DRBD) along with Corosync and Pacemaker, offering users
  • An end-to-end integrated stack of mature and proven open source technologies, fully supported by Oracle
  • Automatic failover and recovery for service continuity
  • Mirroring via synchronous replication, to ensure failover between nodes without the risk of losing committed transactions
  • The ability to build high-availability clusters from commodity hardware, without the requirement for shared-storage
Download the white paper.

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Emblacom Oy Maximizes Database Availability and Reduces Costs with MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition
EmblaCom Oy provides turnkey and cloud-hosted voice solutions to mobile operators around the globe. The company needed to replace several database engines with a standardized, scalable, development-friendly database solution to maximize availability and cut costs. Discover why Emblacom chose MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition.
Read the case study.

Verizon Wireless Supports Its Mission-Critical Employee Portal with MySQL
Verizon Wireless, the #1 mobile carrier in the United States, operates the nation’s largest 3G and 4G LTE network, with the most subscribers (109 million) and the highest revenue (US$70.2 billion in 2011). Read the case study to understand why Verizon Wireless selected MySQL Enterprise Edition to power its mission-critical employee portal, and how the company achieved 1,400 percent performance improvement.
Read the case study.

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MySQL Utilities: Time-Saving Scripts for DBAs
MySQL DBAs often manage dozens of MySQL databases. Tools that bundle a set of related tasks into a common utility can be a big time saver, allowing them spend more time improving performance and less time executing repeated tasks. The MySQL utilities library helps save time. The Webcast focuses on
  • Use cases for each utility
  • How to group utilities for even more usability
  • How to modify utilities for your needs
  • How to develop and contribute new utilities

The Value of MySQL for SaaS Vendors
In this technical Webcast, MySQL expert Mario Beck reviews the capabilities and features that make MySQL ideally suited for SaaS, including performance and scalability, high availability, fault tolerance and reliability, ease of use, and low cost. He also touches on some of the improvements in MySQL 5.6 such as NoSQL options. The Webcast includes examples of MySQL in SaaS and provides practical tips on how to get the most of MySQL in a SaaS environment.

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InnoDB Compression Improvements in MySQL 5.6
By Inaam Rana

Performance Enhancement in Full-Text Search Query
By Calvin Sun

Helping to Reduce Page Compression Failures Rate
By Vasil Dimov

New Enhancements for InnoDB Memcached
By Calvin Sun

Foreign Keys in MySQL Cluster
By Andrew Morgan

Online ALTER TABLE in MySQL 5.6
By Marko Mäkelä

My Thoughts About MySQL 5.6
By Sheeri Cabral

MySQL Now Provides Support for Distributed Replication Block Device
By Andrew Morgan

MySQL Performance—Welcome 5.6 Release Candidate: The Best MySQL Ever
By Dimitri Kravtchuk

New in MySQL Enterprise Edition: Policy-Based Auditing!
By Rob Young

MySQL Oracle Connect 2012 Keynotes
By Marco Tusa

MySQL Connector/Python v1.0 Goes Generally Available!
By Geert Vanderkelen

New in MySQL Utilities Release 1.1.0
By Chuck Bell

Binary Log Checksums in MySQL 5.6
By Baron Schwartz

Big Data Is a Big Scam—Most of the Time
By Sheeri Cabral

A Sneak Peek Inside the Row-Based Replication in MySQL 5.6
By Rohit Kalhans

Failover and Flexible Replication Topologies in MySQL 5.6
By Sven Sandberg

Scalability Improvements in MySQL 5.6
By Mikael Ronström

Parallel Slave in MySQL Replication
By Andrei Elkin

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Scale with MySQL—London, England
October 30
Scale with MySQL—Utrecht, the Netherlands
November 7
Scale with MySQL—Bucharest, Romania
November 13
Scale with MySQL—Dreieich, Germany
November 14
Scale with MySQL—Madrid, Spain
November 27
MySQL OEM/Embedded Tech Tour—Dublin, Ireland
December 13
Find a MySQL event near you
Find an Oracle event near you

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New: MySQL Performance Tuning on Demand
You can now learn the essential skills to monitor, evaluate, and tune the performance of MySQL with the new training-on-demand format. The training is available for 90 days, 24/7, via streaming video. Plus, you can view the course on an iPad.
New: MySQL for Developers
Get the tools, skills, and in-depth knowledge required for writing applications with the MySQL database. Students perform lab work with Java and PHP, connect to MySQL databases, and execute queries and stored routines.
New: MySQL for Developers with Developer Techniques Accelerated
This is an accelerated course, covering eight days' worth of content in only five days. Students will learn the topics found in two courses: MySQL for Developers and MySQL Developer Techniques.
New: MySQL Developer Techniques with Advanced Stored Procedures
This is an accelerated course. Students will learn advanced topics from two courses: MySQL Developer Techniques and MySQL Advanced Stored Procedures, all in only five days.
Pursuing your certification? Have you considered the new training on demand certification value packages? Now it is easier for you to pursue your certifications. Save up to 20 percent and get a free second chance to take the certification exam if you do not pass the first time. Choose from

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