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This Month: ODI, PCS, DCS, APIs, Microservices

Note: Registration is now open for the Oracle Code events in San Francisco (March 1), Austin (March 8), New York (March 21), Washington DC (March 27), Toronto (April 19), and London (April 20). Click here for more information.

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Building a 100% Cloud Solution with Oracle Data Integrator

Oracle ACEs Ricardo Giampaoli and Rodrigo Radtke illustrate how to create big BI projects with seamless ODI integrations on premise or in the cloud.
Read the article.


Oracle Process Cloud Service: New Features

Oracle ACE Director Antonis Antoniou guides you on a detailed exploration of recent new features and enhancements for developers, admins, and end users.
Read the article.


APIs: Yesterday and Today

Today’s APIs bear only a passing resemblance to those of decades past, and the differences have made APIs a major factor in today’s software solutions.
Read the article.


Getting Started with Microservices

This series by Boris M. Scholl (VP Development, Microservices Oracle Cloud) aims to increase your understanding of what microservices are and how to work with them productively.
Read Part 1: Advantages and Considerations.
Read Part 2: Containers and Microservices.

Audio / Video



Podcast: Tech Publishing Roundtable

Of course, you read technical books, but have you given any thought to writing one? A panel of authors from the community share their insight into the process.
Listen to the podcast.


Video: Docker, Microservices, and Cloud

Oracle ACE Director Frank Munz shares a great example of the scalability possible with Docker containers in this 2 Minute Tech Tip recorded at the Sangam 2016 conference in Bangalore, India.
Watch the video.


Video: Managing Oracle SOA Projects with Developer Cloud Service

Did you know that Oracle Developer Cloud Service has features specifically designed for SOA developers? Shay Shmeltzer explains.
Watch the video.


Video: Infrastructure as Code with Oracle Stack Manager and Oracle Developer Cloud Service

Learn how to manage and automate infrastructure provisioning end-to-end with Oracle Stack Manager and Oracle Developer Cloud Service.
Watch the video.

Product News



Announcing Application Development Platform 17.1.1

Application Development Platform 17.1.1 includes updates and enhancements to a wide range of services in the Application Development portfolio, including Java Cloud, Application Container Cloud, Developer Cloud, Application Builder Cloud, Database Cloud, Exadata Express Cloud, and more.
Get the details.


Announcing the Oracle Container Registry

Oracle Container Registry is designed to provide simple access to an expanding list of Oracle products for use in Docker containers.
Get the details.

Workshops and Events



Oracle Code

Coming to 20 cities globally, Oracle Code is an event for developers building modern Web, mobile, enterprise, and cloud-native applications. The focus is on the latest software developer technologies, practices, and trends, including: Containers, Microservices/APIs, & DevOps; Databases; Open Source Technologies; Development Tools and Low Code Platforms; Machine Learning, Chatbots and AI.
San Francisco, March 1, 2017 REGISTER NOW
Austin, March 8, 2017 REGISTER NOW
New York, March 21, 2017 REGISTER NOW
Washington, D.C., March 27, 2017 REGISTER NOW
Toronto, April 18, 2017 REGISTER NOW
London, UK, April 20, 2017 REGISTER NOW


Qcon London

18 editorial tracks; 140+ practitioner speakers; 17 optional workshops following the conference.
London, UK, March 6-8, 2017
Click here for more information.


EclipseCon 2017

Features a wide variety of sessions and tutorials covering Eclipse Platforms and Runtimes, Languages and Tools, Web and Cloud, and Other Cool Stuff. San Jose, California, March 20, 2017
Click here for more information.


Devoxx USA

Three days of keynotes, hands-on labs, BOF sessions, and more. San Jose, CA, March 21 – 23, 2017.
Click here for more information.



Learn from Oracle ACEs and industry leaders in a vast selection of sessions covering key topics and technologies. April 2-6, 2017, Las Vegas, NV
Click here for more information.



The conference for makers and operators of next generation distributed apps built with containers. April 17-20, 2917, Austin, TX.
Click here for more information.

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